1950 Bacon & Day Senorita


  • Year: 1950 (Circa)
  • Manufacturer: Bacon & Day
  • Model: Senorita
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: White
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Description: This B&D Senorita 5 string banjo is most likely a post WWII model built at the Gretsch factory in New York during the late 1940s or early 1950s. It has a three digit serial number, 181, engraved on the wooden dowel, but not on the rim which suggests it was probably not made by B&D in Groton, CT but sometime after B&D sold to Grestch in 1940 when they purchased the trade name, design, parts and tooling equipment. The Senorita model was in production from 1929 through 1969. The resonator, rim and sides are sunburst pearloid. Pearloid can also be found on the headstock and fretboard. Immediately noticable are the nine engraved and painted southwestern style designs on the fretboard and heel of the banjo. The engraved designs are black with reddish tones. The headstock is engraved a with a B&D logo and Senorita written in a block style. The banjo weighs seven pounds and the overall length is 37 1/8". It has 22 frets and a scale length of 26". The neck is built of two pieces of mahogany jointed together with a narrow strip of what appears to be walnut. The width at the nut is 1 1/6". Other features include 26 clover shaped flange holes, friction tuners, and 24 lugs. The 11" head is synthetic. The Senorita appears to be all original except the head and wooden bridge which is 1/2" off the head. This banjo shows wear along the pearloid edge of the outer rim but almost no wear to the frets and arm rest. Senorita plays fine and has a comfortable neck. It comes with a new Gator case.