1993 Continental Style I Tri Cone Resonator


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 1993
  • Manufacturer: Continental
  • Model: Style I Tri Cone Resonator
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Silver
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Description:

    Here is a 1993 Continental Style I Tri Cone Resonator guitar. This guitar was made prior to the National Re-issues and some say the Continental plays and sounds superior to them. Constructed of Nickel plated "German Silver" (white brass), the neck angle is excellent and action is nice and low. This is a German made instrument, produced in Munich by the AMI Group. Not to be confused with later instruments produced in the Czech republic under the AMISTAR brand.

    A little more backround:

    Soon after the New Year of 1991, the luthiers at Continental got their hands on a pre-war Tricone metal body National to use as a sample. It took them most of that year to research various materials, technologies, moulds, and construction techniques.

    Then in December 1991, they made their first two Tricone bodies becoming the first on the market since the ending of the 2nd World War!

    The New National Co. made some single cone, wooden bodies at that time. They started producing the tricones bodies beginning 1993-94. Continental's first Tricones (assembled in Munich by the AMI GmbH.) were exhibited at the NAMM Show in Los Angeles, California at the SAGA booth.

    During the year 1996-97, Continental production ended with the AMI Company. Soon afterwards, production was started under the AMISTAR brand name and the first complete AMISTAR guitar was born in August 1997.

    This Continental Tri Cone is in excellent shape, very collectable and very playable. This is one to seriously consider.