1961 Fender® BANDMASTER,Bassman®,TREMOLUX Showman® CABINET


  • Year: 1961 (Circa)
  • Manufacturer: Fender®
  • Model: BANDMASTER,Bassman®,TREMOLUX Showman® CABINET
  • Case: None
  • Color: Brownace
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Description: Here's a Honey! 61 Fender® small 2-12 cabinet, originally white, someone painted it black. It was just too much work to get it off, so I recovered it in Brownface style with Wheat Grill of the same era. (the buzz is, I love Fender® Brownface equipment!). I installed earlier Weber Blue Dogs and it is just amazing! The speakers are 25 watts each at 16 ohms each for a cabinet that totals 8 ohms. Speakers are still tight and there is no dope. The cabinet has more of a mid 60's Marshally tone, which is one of my favorites, this is a hard cabinet to come by, if you know what it is and your a player, You get it! If you are ready to sprinkle the dust, Call me! Frankie B. 201-674-9904.