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2015 Vaschenko LV

wow the white korina is light and resonant.the AAAAA curly maple top is 3d and stunning.brazilian rosewood .old school craftsmanship.awesome
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1959 Fender® Jazzmaster™

Nice, all original anodized guard slab board '59 Jazzmaster. Looks all original inside with 59 pot codes and all the usual masking tape. Very clean and shiny on the front but the back and sides are showing moderate wear mostly buckle rash and case wear. Looks to have been nicely re-fretted. Great Fender tone and playability. Serial number shows it's pretty late in 59 which would explain the brown...
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Memory Memorymoog Plus

Moog Memorymoog Plus with the highly sought after Lintronics Midi Upgrade (LAMM) Everything works on this. You don't see these that often with the LAMM upgrade. For more info on the upgrade you can visit their site Condition is very good. Comes with an Anvil Road Case. The foam in the case is deteriorating but could be easily replaced. Please e-mail for...
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This might be the most beautiful Banjo I have ever seen. It is in like new condition. Very well balanced tone. Projects very well. I have not heard a better sounding banjo. It sounds as wonderful as it looks. Has a Tony Pass Tone Ring. Beautiful Flame on the back of the neck and the resonator. The inlay is expertly done. Don't miss your chance to own this instrument. The only wear you...
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Xotic Effects RC Booster Pedal

The Xotic RC Booster Effect Pedal has active Treble, Bass, Gain and Volume controls to allow for limitless tone shaping. It offers a super transparent 20db+ clean boost and a +-15db 2 band active EQ without ever compromising the integrity of the original tone. It provides a solution to sound degradation, caused by long instrument cables and/or long effect chains between guitar and amp, by...
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1984 Fender® Precision Bass®

9.2 out of 10 condition for this 30 yr old made in the legendary Fullerton factory USA bass. A small section of light buckle rash (1" x2" only seen at a certain angle). Some match head dings and fine scratches. Minor fret wear. The neck and pot dates ave 1984 date codes (see pics). Volume knob cuts out below 8 works fine "full open". Hardshell case is pretty beat, however all latches work fine....
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1961 Epiphone (Gibson Kalamazoo) Broadway

(these are quick iphone pics, updating soon). Here's a VERY special, transitional Gibson USA made Epiphone! All original with Grovers added long ago. More details soon, and BETTER pics!
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1983 Fender® Stratocaster® Elite

This Fender Stratocaster Elite was made in the USA in 1983. When we received it the electronics weren't functioning correctly and so all of the wiring was redone, bit now works correctly. Some of the components on the internal circuit board had to be replaced, as well as one pot. Otherwise the guitar is all original. The pickguard was broken and repaired at some point. The guitar itself is...
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1962 Epiphone CORONET

This Epiphone Coronet was made by Gibson in the USA in 1962. On the plus side, this example plays great, sounds great, has the original finish, screaming P-90, and there are no repairs or cracks to the neck, headstock, or heel. On the minus side, a previous owner decided to cut off the bottom third of the body in a failed attempt to make a monster double neck. The original pieces have all been...
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~1977 Aria Mach I P-Bass

This Aria Mach I made in Japan in the mid 1970's. This example is in nice shape, and plays and sounds really good. The bass has been pro-setup and needs nothing. The pickups are non-original Dimarzios that sound awesome. It comes with a gigbag.
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1976 Univox Hi-Flyer

This Univox Hi-Flier was made in Japan in the mid 1970's. This example is in nice shape, and plays and sounds really good. It is rare to find a natural body example with the rosewood neck. The bass has been pro-setup and needs nothing. It comes with a gigabg.
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1962 Gibson ES-125T

This Gibson ES-125T was made in the USA in 1962. This one shows heavy play wear, but no structural damage, and the guitar really sounds great and has a sweet sound. The parts are original aside from the bridge, and the pickguard is missing. The kluson tuners show oxidation but function fine. the original P-90 sounds killer. It comes with a non original hard case.
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1966 Fender® Jazzmaster™

This Fender Jazzmaster was made in the USA in 1966. While this guitar has been gently used in is in very good condition for its age, and it is 100% original. This guitar was exported to Europe when new, and has the store logo plate on the back of the headstock from where it was sold new in Switzerland in 1966. The guitar has been pro-setup and needs nothing and sounds awesome. Call with any...
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~2013 Fender® Jazz Bass® JB-62 WAL

This Fender Jazz Bass was made in Japan in the past few years. This model was made for the Japanese market and is pretty cool, it reminds me of the rosewood telecaster except it's actually walnut. The guitar shows some light wear but overall is in nice shape. It has been pro-setup and needs nothing.
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~2013 Carr Electro-Motive Delay / Trem / Boost

Impossibly rare Carr Electro-Motive that is hand wired and was so expensive to produce that Carr discontinued these. Very few in existence. This is nonsmoking and ungigged.
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This Gibson Les Paul Studio was made in the USA. The previous owner suped it up with all black parts and a matching black bigsby. The guitar is in nice shape overall and has been well cared for. It has been pro-setup and needs nothing. It comes with a gigbag.
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1954 Fender® Stratocaster®

PHOTOS enlarge, just click a few times -- We are acting as a "go-between/broker" for the family of the original owner on this guitar -- ALL original (except arm replaced, original snapped at bend - not broken off in block, and case replaced in '58), quite clean first year Strat!. I'll be adding more details in a few hours. ---------- This is a "cash" kinda price, OK?--------------
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~1994 Fender® Stratocaster® Telecaster® Hard Shell Case

Here is an original 1990's Fender electric guitar hard shell case in tweed. It will fit Strat or Tele guitars. Excellently clean used condition as shown, signs of cosmetic wear commonly found on used cases. All latches work fine. Great for protecting your Fender guitar!
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~1985 Gibson Hard Shell Electric Guitar Case

Here is a vintage original 1980's Gibson electric guitar hard shell case. It will fit Les Paul or similar models. Excellently clean used condition as shown, signs of cosmetic wear commonly found on used cases. All latches work fine. Great for protecting your vintage guitar!
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~2006 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul Hard Case

Here is an original 2000's Gibson Custom Shop Historic Les Paul hard shell case. Excellently clean used condition as shown, signs of cosmetic wear commonly found on used cases. Great for protecting your Les Paul!
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2015 Vaschenko master grade Strat®

wow the roasted birdseye maple neck is to dye for.the detemple /lollar pick ups sound killer.the one piece swamp ash body is the best…this guy knows his stuff…I like…..
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~1966 Gibson ES-335 Hard Shell Case

Here is an original vintage 1960's Gibson ES-335 hard shell case. Case is in excellent shape considering its age. All latches are working and functional except for the keyed one. Great for restoring and for collectors!
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2015 Vaschenko master grade Strat®

yes this killer luther does Strats and Teles as well as les pauls…look at that flame,plus flame alder wow.this is eye popping good
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2015 Vaschenko les paul

another fine example of old world craftsmanship.stunning top,hyde glue,brazilian rosewood…just awesome
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2015 Vaschenko 59 les paul burst

this is one of the hidden gems that you find every once in a while.Built the old fashion hand…nitro…honduras…brazilian…rolf 59 pretender PAFs.whats not to like...
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2014 Suhr Modern

Very cool custom drip finish with matching finish on reverse headstock. Alder body (weight is 8 lbs 2 oz), Maple neck with satin finish and Ebony fingerboard, Modern Elliptical neck profile (.780-.830), 16” radius, Floyd nut, nut width is 1.650”, Gotoh Floyd bridge,stainless steel Jumbo frets, Mother of Pearl side & face dots, 3 way blade switch. Aldrich HB neck pickup and Aldrich HB 53mm...
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2014 Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

Brand New Unopened Box! Impossible to get. Produced in extremely small batches and never seen for sale. This is a brand new unopened box that I received directly from the manufacturer. It has been only in my hands so I can attest to the history.
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~2005 Fender® Squire Strat® Eric Clapton midboost circuit Upgrades

Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting... A Super Cool Squire Fender Squire Strat that was my Tech's guitar. Jeff the Tech is not only the best setup guy I have ever seen, but he mods guitars for himself as a Pro Player. This is one of Jeff the Techs Personal Guitars.. He took a pretty standard Squire Strat and went to town on it. He added the cool Spertzel Locking tuners, hot Alnico Pickups...
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