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1966 Epiphone Wilshire XII Patent Sticker Mini Hums

Up for sale, a 1966 Epiphone Wilshire XII in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This is a particularly rare twelve string guitar, produced in Gibson's USA Kalamazoo factory and featuring a pair of Gibson's early mini humbuckers with clean pat # stickers. The Wilshire is 100% original with the exception of the "Star Guitars" bridge which offers much more accurate intonation than...
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~1969 Truetone ROCKSTAR Single pickup solidbody

Vintage original Truetone Rockstar guitar! Actually sounds really good.
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~1971 Univox Bass Amp Made in the USA

Vintage early 1970s Univox bass amp head and cabinet. Garage rock baby!!!
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1953 Harmony H-44 Stratotone Peanut Body

Up for sale, an exceptionally clean 1953 Harmony H-44 Stratotone. Arguably the most collectable model produced by Harmony and also one of the most influential in the history of early Rock n' Roll, the H-44 model was played by the likes of Richie Valens and Carl Perkins, who also owned a '53 which is currently part of a touring museum exhibit. The single DeArmond "Hershey Bar" pickup delivers a...
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2014 Composite Acoustic OX-HG BLU ELE

From the CA website: The latest addition to the C.A. family sports a 20 fret OX cut-away body style acoustic guitar, giving you a look and sound you won't believe at a surprisingly affordable price. The OX is available in the new "Raw" finish over our classic carbon top, or a beautiful high-gloss with charcoal black and sides and a clear coated pure carbon finish top. It's got a cool, edgy look...
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2008 Fender® 1951 Nocaster Relic®

Gorgeous 2008 Butterscotch Blonde Nocaster Relic - with COA
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1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®

This Fender Deluxe Reverb was made in the USA in 1965. It shows some wear, but overall is in very nice shape. It works fine and sounds excellent.
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~1965 Meazzi Acoustic Jupiter

This Meazzi Hollywood Acoustic Jupiter was made in Italy in the mid 1960's. This is a rare model, and one of the more attractive guitars made by Meazzi. The guitar is all original and in nice shape. It plays well and sounds great. It comes with a gigbag. Call for an in hand description.
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Gibson F-5 Mandolin

1920's era GIbson F-5 Mandolin that is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. Comes with a hardcase. This is not a normal F-5, the body and neck are from 2 separate mandolins. And there is no way to know exactly what year either are from. However, the swap was done by a very skilled and trained professional. The neck is set at the right angle, the action is low, and the neck joint is...
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~1968 Kustom K-200A

This Kustom K-200A was made in the USA in the late 60's. This is an undervalued model in my opinion. It looks sort of like a 60's Rickenbacker and sounds like a 50's Gretsch with the dearmond dynasonic pickups. This guitar shows some light wear, but is in overall very nice shape for its age. It is all original. It has been pro-setup and needs nothing. Call us for an in hand description.
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1961 Gibson Skylark

This Gibson Skylark works fine and sounds great. The back panel is not original and there is a 3 prong cord. Call for details.
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1965 Airline Bighorn

This Airline Bighorn was made by Kay in the USA in the mid 1960's. It is one of the more unusual creations of any American guitar manufacturer from its era. From a design standpoint its hard to believe anybody ever thought that it would be an attractive option to a consumer, yet today it has a unique retro look, and this model in this color has even been reissued. This guitar is all original...
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2012 Gustavsson Bluesmaster S

Another WOW instrument from Johan Gustavsson. I have sold dozens of these used. Let me find the right one for you. They are all fantastic and have the signature Gustavsson 3D tone...but they all sound different tonally...some dark...some in your face...some more for rock...don't just shop on your with someone who knows and can help you make the right choice (even if it's not...
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1966 Rickenbacker 360-12

Mapleglo, bound rosewood fretboard with full length crushed pearl triangular inlays, dual toaster pickups, changed bridge and cover, two volume, two tone and one blend control, ric-o-sound stereo jack, in excellent condition, some jean rivet wear on the back and a few nicks on top, sounds and plays real good, comes with the original bridge and cover in the original silver hard shell case. $4750...
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Van Weelden GAINLAND

Announcing the rarest preamp around! I LOVE this ...I have one of my it's not for ....I use my Two Notes Torpedo (check them out) to simulate power amps, cabs, mice and room...the result...WOW classic rock...EVH...modern rock.
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1996 Fender® Custom Shop Carved Strat® a.k.a Showmaster™

Rare carved top Fender Strat with Certificate of Authenticity & Original Hard Case. Birdseye Maple Neck! Nonsmoking and Excellent Condition. See all the specs in the 6th picture (sheet).
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Dr Z Maz 18 Combo 2-10

Nonsmoking Excellent Condition! Sounds amazing and don't ask me...there's a reason so many are sold yet so few on the market.
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Morgan 1x12 - Cabinet Chalk Chilewich

Open backed cabs designed to give you the largest soundstage possible from 1 12" speakers. These cabinets are all dove tail finger jointed with the best possible baltic birch available. I don't hide the quality of the wood under black paint on the inside of the cabs. Other specifications include: (1) Celection Creamback 24W x 20.75H x 10D Open Back For more information...
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Morgan RCA35 - Head Chalk Chilewich

Ok, so a good customer asks for a clean head room amp in a small head shell with a good master volume. I had a couple of ideas and this is the realization of that tone. A small light weight 35 watt full tone stack amp that just kicks ass. Chimey cleans, plenty of volume can get that edge of breakup tones at low volumes or can also be a great jazz amp. Other specifications include: ...
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1961 Fender® Stratocaster®

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this exquisite 1961 Fender Stratocaster in Sunburst This is one of nicer slab board Strats we have seen, this guitar is very clean but in addition it plays superbly. The rosewood is extraordinarily beautiful and the pickguard and electronics are squeaky clean as well. The brown case is very clean and the hang tag is also included. All...
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1969 Ludwig Classic 5 piece kit

Hate to overstate it, but nice 5 pc. pretty much all original, no extra hole, original parts, spurs, mufflers, hoops, tom mount , legs, etc. shows average, or less wear. Only issue is sizes 13X13X16x22 w 5x14 Supra... Nice honest kit, tune it!
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2013 Martin Custom Shop 000-14F Custom

Dead Mint Condition The Martin 000-14F Custom acoustic guitar, part of Martin's August 2013 Custom Promotion, showcases rare, centuries old "sinker" Mahogany that was discovered in Belize. This wood was 250 - 300 years old when it was harvested over 300 years agoThe Adirondack Spruce top and forward shifted bracing join forces to deliver a never ending supply of rich, balanced tone with...
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2014 Dr. Z 2X12 Cabinet

See our ad for head ( Maz JR NR ) , and Airbrake. Stock 2X12 un used, un giged, Cream...
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2014 Dr Z Maz 18 JR NR

Straight ahead DR. Z tone machine as new. We have a cab 2X12 and Airbrake available . Price is for heaD ONLY
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Dr. Z KT 45

Nice KT 45 , uses KT66 power tubes for 45 luscious DR. Z watts, Straight to the point tone machine!
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1972 Guild® S-90

Vintage original 1972 Guild S-90. Plays and sounds fantastic. Pickups have been switched to humbuckers and they sound killer. Original Burns vibrato tailpiece, super rare, works great and the guitar stays in tune well. This is a real nice one in great shape that plays and sounds killer!
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Fender® Custom Shop Telly Custom (binding)

Like new, pretty much unplayed Telly Custom in Sea Foam Green, from the Custom Shop. Maple neck, all papers . case candy , and original case! Fantastic guitar...
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1957 Fender® Stratocaster®

Vintage 1957 Stratocaster plays and sounds AMAZING! A real players guitar this is a 1957 on a circa 1962 Fender body. Body has been re-finished in a nice two tone dark sunburst and it looks fantastic. This is a super nice professional refinish that was done many, many years ago and looks like the real deal Pickups are Fender Re-Issue pickups and they sound fantastic. Here's a real 1957...
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Santa Cruz "H" Model 14 frett

One owner , low serial # (4XX) Santa Cruz 14 Frett H model. Like a 000 in the butt, and a 00 in the front. Ebony board, low action, big sound. Amazing shape, well cared for... Original hardshell case, and papers included.
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