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2014 Guild® D-140CENat

Today Lawman Guitars is Presenting.... A Beautiful 2014 Guild G-140CENAT Guitar with original Hardshell Case. Hardly used at all. The frets look untouched… All I did to this guitar is clean it up and restring it with new 12 guage Strings. It has only a small ding on the back of the headstock, see pic …and some pick scratches on the pickguard. The case is as nice as the guitar…check those...
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1966 Epiphone, Pacemaker, EA50-T,

1966-1969 Epiphone Amp, model EA50-T, with temolo, excellent condition. Vintage amps must be picked up at our store.
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2007 C.F. Martin, D-16GT

Martin D-16GT with Baggs soundhole pickup added, excellent condition, spruce top, mahogany back and sides, plays well.
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2008 C.F. Martin, D-16GT

Super clean Martin D-16GT, Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, Made in USA with original Hard shell case. Plays well.
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2005 C.F. Martin, SWOMGT

2005 C.F. Martin, Model SWOMGT, sustainable wood series, spruce top, cherry back and sides, excellent condition.
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1965 C.F. Martin, 00-18

1965 C.F. Martin 00-18, top center seam crack repaired, oversized pickguard, bridge reglued, headstock crack along machine heads repaired, we just did a level and dress on the frets, excellent playability and tone.
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1964 HOFNER 500/1

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1964 Gibson J-45 ES-175

Nice solid vintage case, lining and structurally solid, with no mildew odor. This is a good example, no weak spots or issues. Could be cleaned up and look even better!
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1942 LEVIN DeLuxe

Rare Swedish top of the line arch top. This guitar is about 18 1/2" wide with a fancy inlaid headstock and engraved fingerboard knots. Low , perfect action and superb tone. Curly maple back, sides and neck. This is the same model Django Reinhart is photographed with and owned by Fred Guy , of the Ellington Band. A very fine instrument. ON HOLD
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1989 Taylor 815

Up for sale is a 1989 Taylor 815 custom florentine cutaway. This is a discontinued model and is in near mint condition. I've kept this in the original hardshell case and have properly humidified it during the dry season. Comes with the original case. Also, I installed a Fishman pickup in the guitar which sounds great. Feel free to message me with any questions, thanks! Some...
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Very interested Legacy with the serial numbered bridge and no serial on the neck plate, 3 bolt. Serial on bridge dates to 82 and although in the logbook it is not assigned to a guitar.
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~1985 Fender® Japan Squire bullet

These early Fender japan bullets are great sounding and playing guitars. This one is no exception. Great feel lots of fret left and very lightweight.
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1981 Tokai Silverstar sound

Here is Tokai's version of the 25 anniversary strat. This is a great guitar hands down and sounds and feels and plays fantastic!
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1990 G&L ASAT

Case still has the plastic on the metal parts. Lightest best ASAT we've ever had. Best sounding too. The Darkest sounding ASAT ever of the Leo Era.
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2015 Gil Yaron bolt t

this is Gils newest design .solid swamp ash body,killer esquire pick ups,birdseye neck ,nitro,light,huge sounding.he makes the best guitars period
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1977 Marshall 2203 master lead

Here is a great sounding Master model from 77. Loud and proud we service our amps completely and just love Marshalls or can't you tell.
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1971 Marshall 100 Watt SUPER LEAD

Here is a recovered 71 Marshall head. We serviced it and its doing its thing. These are a bit brighter than a plexi but still hand wired. Great rig!
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Bolin les paul burst 59

Bolin has made guitars for Billy Gibbons,Jeff Beck,Jimmy Page etc.His gibson branded les pauls have graced many a legends stages.this one he had beck's 54 oxblood and his own 59 and combined the best of both.light resonant.perfect intonation.plays like a dream .no wonder the stars went to him for the real thing
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1969 Marshall plexi 100 super lead them

Here is a nice Super Lead trem with a plexi front panel and a metal back panel. Trem works you will need the pedal. Amp is transitional and dates to 5/69. Plexi characteristics throughout and sounds big and brown with great feedback.
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Gibson Pearly Gates VOS 1959 les paul

this is the ultimate Les Paul guitar,Made from Billy Gibbons own 59.this guitar is nice and light and has a top to kill for.collectors grade mint mint mint with everything
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2005 Ibanez GB10

Up for sale is a 2005 Ibanez GB10. This guitar is in near-mint condition with no scratches or dents, and has mainly been kept in it's case since purchased. This guitar is a dream for playing amplified jazz with minimal feedback, or unplugged. Hate to see this beautiful guitar go, but unfortunately need to clear up some space in the studio. Feel free to message with any questions or...
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1963 Gibson J-45

Gibson introduced the J-45 in the summer of 1942 as the newest version in its Jumbo line preceded by the Jumbo-35. In Gibson nomenclature, “Jumbo” refers to a 16″ wide lower bout while the 17″ lower bout is known as the Super Jumbo. The J-45 featured a Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides a 24 3/4″ scale length. These guitars are lightly built and very resonant as a result. 1963 Gibson...
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1987 Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

Solid Mahogany body and neck 25'' Scale Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard Mother-of-Pearl/Abolone PRS Trademark 'Bird' inlays PRS Tremolo System • PRS Self-Locking tuning pegs by Schaller • Low Friction Nut • Custom PRS Bridge w/pocket saddles, pivot knife edge, and pop-in arm. PRS Hybrid Humbucking Pickup System • 5 position rotary switch • Volume control • Sweet...
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1991 Fender® Stu Hamm Urge Bass

Been a fan of Stu Hamm since I first saw his "Pop, Slap and Tap" video, which had me sitting in front of a VCR for weeks. I got some of it, couldn't play a bit of it and totally failed at the tapping part. Of course, that video was done with a Kubicki Ex- Factor and while I've owned several of those basses, I've always favored a small, slim, sleek neck and that's exactly where this early Urge...
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2000 Martin HD-28

Wonderful Iconic Martin with typical signature Martin sound. Just in from pro set-up by authorized Martin repairman. Has had touch up to a very minor check on the back of the headstock. You would know to look at it. Completely solid and NOT remotely a problem but I mention it for full disclosure. Plays and sounds wonderful. Slight lacquer checking in soundboard clear-coat finish ONLY, either...
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Graham McDonald Mandola

This lovely instrument is is excellent condition with a cosmetic flaw I should mention. The rosette binding around the sound hole has shrunk and left a small gap. See the photos for this purely cosmetic issue. Otherwise seems to be in very excellent shape with extraordinary tone and projection. The nut is 1-1/4". The scale length is 18.5". The top is a deeply carved arch and the back is a...
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2015 Zemaitis Metal Front CSMF-101 BK

Zemaitis Guitars Custom Shop CSMF-101-BK Metal Front Generation 2 electric guitar! Iconic Vintage Zemaitis design! New model with Engraved Metal Top! The CSMF-101-BK from Zemaitis Guitars is an elegantly styled electric guitar with all the hallmarks of a classic Zemaitis Metal Front! This particular model is hand-made in the Zemaitis Custom Shop and engraved with the with the Leaf Scroll motif-...
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