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1970 Fender® Princeton® Reverb Amp

Here is a nice sounding Princeton Reverb Amp from 1970. It has had the grill replaced with an old original piece of grill from a destroyed super reverb. Also the speaker is a 1980 Fender label Oxford 10J4 which we know is the original type of speaker Fender used in the Princeton. There was also a mod we removed when we serviced it. I had been drilled for an extra 12AX7 in line with the other...
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2007 Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle

3 beautiful NOS Modern Eagle 1 models with Brazilian Rosewood necks, fingerboards, headstock veneers, & truss rod covers. Individual guitars with details will be listed under the "Electrics" section in the near future.
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Cordoba F5 Flamenco Guitar

Another beauty from Cordoba. An F7 Flamenco guitar. A staple in the Iberia series, the F7 features the traditional flamenco wood combination of a solid European spruce top paired with cypress back and sides. It is incredibly lightweight, built in the Spanish tradition with a slightly thinner body depth than a classical guitar. Featuring a flatter neck angle which allows for low action, and the...
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1965 Guild® D-50

An absolutely incredible vintage 1965 Guild D-50. Plays and sounds fantastic. All original but for reproduction tuners. Solid Spruce top. Brazillian Rosewood back and sides! Super warm and resonant. With original case.
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Dr. Z Air Brake

The Dr. Z Air Brake has two major applications. One is for stage use, the other is for studio or home use. For stage use, the Z Air Brake is a useful tool to limit your overall dB level at any time during a performance. Example: the beginning of the night (when the club isn't full) click the Air Brake to a level of attenuation to allow for smooth tone at a lower volume level. As the night...
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Cordoba C9 Cedar

Along with the sweet, warm tone provided by its all-solid body, the Cordoba C9 features the vintage elegance of a hand-inlaid mother-of-pearl rosette inspired by a 1920s Domingo Esteso design. Features a solid European spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides. Includes a Cordoba polyfoam case.
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Cordoba C7 CD

The C7 is a handmade traditional nylon-string acoustic, featuring a solid Canadian cedar. A step up from the C5, the C7 is built with Indian rosewood back and sides. It also has a traditional style hand-inlaid wooden rosette and a rosewood binding, bridge and fingerboard. A Cordoba gig bag is included.
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Fender® Limited Edition Pro Junior™ III Black & White Tweed P10R - 1x

Big sounds sometimes come in small packages! The Pro Junior in Black/White Tweed with a Black grille cloth is a cool twist on the much desired look and sound of tweed amps. Combine it’s cool look and sound with the classic articulation and chime of a JensenP10R speaker and you’ve got the perfect tonal weapon! The standard for gigging guitarists worldwide and the ideal amp for crafting your own...
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1974 Gibson ES-325

Shamelessly Red is what this 1970s Gibson appears to be, and implacably so. A slightly modified version of the ubiquitous ES-335, with the cool Mini-Humbuckers too and a favorite of the Kings of Leon's lead guitarist, for all you Caleb Followill followers. Here is a really nice example of this model, in great condition and with all its original stuff; no crazy mods here. Beautifully set up in our...
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Collings OM2H

At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an authorized dealer of Collings guitars. This Collings OM2H (serial #16782) features a Sitka Spruce top and East Indian Rosewood back and sides on an Orchestra Model body. While the spruce top provides a very nice even response, the rosewood back sides provide a strong bass presence and top-end clarity, but the narrower waist of the OM-body provide...
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Collings 01 12 Fret - Walnut Back/German Top

The Collings 01 features the smallest body from Collings - a 13 7/16" wide body with a 24 7/8" scale length. It's carved from Walnut on the back and sides of the guitar. The top is made of select german spruce. The use of such fine materials in combination with it's smaller scale and body size help make this guitar a favorite among country and blues players. Delivering crisp tones that at loud...
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1952 Fender® Telecaster®

Now here is a truly wonderful, very early Fender Telecaster and it's all there, and every last inch of it is great. With a neck date of 7-30-52 and the much sought-after "TG" initials, and a body date of 6-30-52 (and yes, it's got the "D" stamp and all the rest of that stuff), early Telecasters just don't get much better than this. Serial number on the bridge is 3222. Original finish everywhere...
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Martin D-41 - Sunburst

As with all Martin guitars, the Martin D-41 is built with incredible craftsmanship and constructed from the finest materials. This particular model features a natural gloss finish, providing an pleasing look to complement the elegance of the natural Sitka spruce and Indian Rosewood. If the look isn't enough, the D-41 acoustic guitar is a tone machine, perfect for any style acoustic...
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Martin D-15M

At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an authorized dealer of C.F. Martin guitars. There is nothing quite like the warmth and richness of an all-Mahogany guitar. The Martin D-15M features a solid Mahogany top and solid Mahogany back and sides to deliver that specific delicate warmth and evenness. It has a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, and it is setup with a bone nut and bone saddle...
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Bad Cat Cub III 15R - 1x12

Bad Cat raises the bar and offers an update on the classic Cub circuit. The all new Cub III features a switchable A or B valve in the first position pre-amp. You can select between 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube by a toggle or foot switch. This new feature is drastically different sonically in gain structure, and character from any previous Cub models. We have added a selectable gain on the bass...
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1970 Rickenbacker 330-12 (#RIE0355)

1970 Rickenbacker 330-12, Mapleglo, Gorgeous Maple body, Toaster pickups, “R” Tailpiece, Great low action, Very fine example, EC+, New Silver Deluxe Rickenbacker Reissue Case, $5,295
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1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom

This is an original 1976 Les Paul Custom in Cherry Red finish. Ebony fingerboard, serious sustain. There is a small seam separation line behind the left tuning pegs, see photo. Comes with a non original pickguard and a newer Gibson black leather case. See photos.
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2014 Calton Dreadnought Case

***On Hold*** At Telluride Music Co., we are honored to be an Authorized Dealer of Calton cases. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas, Calton cases are perhaps the finest cases available, built to protect the finest instruments. For over 40 years, Calton has manufactured road-ready cases, and the new design and changes in production have only improved the product. Please call or e-mail for an in-hand...
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Gustavsson bluesmaster 59 les paul

another great guitar by the master.I love these so much I will always buy more….
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Kubicki 4 string bass w low d

this is a cool bass from the 90s.Phillip Kubicki had a lot of different ideas on how to make a better bass.first put tuners at the bottom and make tuning as stable as possible .then add a low d device to add two more frets going to low d.then add a killer pick system and you have one great bass
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1960 Tosca Thunder Stick

From the golden age of Supro and Valco, this guitar is about as cool as it gets. A rare, 2 pickup version, this USA-made guitar has a copper finish on 3/4 size body, and gold hardware. It has seen some action -- it has many chips, dings, and scratches. It has a big, chunky neck. The logo is missing and there's a shadow of the Tosca name on the headstock. It weighs in at 5 lbs., 5.5 oz. It's been...
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Gil Yaron 59 les paul burst

HOLY GRAIL…need I say more.this is the best and you will have to pry my hands off it to buy it. I play it every day and it is bliss
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Gustavsson bruisemaster

this is a rare one off Gus .maybe the only one with a mann made tremelo.2 custom wound p90s sand a Ramos custom wound bridge pick up make this a swiss army knife .then add a demeter mid boost with knob and you cab get almost any tone you want.this is one of my favorites and I really don't even want to sell it
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DAG telstar

put to gather half telecaster and half stratocaster and you would have the telstar.the bottom half of the body is a tele shape while the top is a strat with all the contours.add a combination of loller pick ups and a glendale telecaster bridge with tremelo.and you have the coolest workhorse around.very hard to find
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BADCAT classic deluxe

this is a great take on a classic deluxe reverb .sounds huge and the reverb has wonderful depth.takes pedals great.the perfect pick up and go gig amp 6v6s and celestion
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Zia pentaplex

this is a cool take on a has booth triode and pentode switch as well as pull knobs on the treble and mid.this one goes from early marshall plexi (AC/DC) to all out ripping marshall…has a fx loop as well and comes in a very nice hardwood cabinet
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2014 Gries Gries 5

The coolest 5 watt amp we've had the pleasure to have heard! The 5 has been Gries' most popular amp since its introduction in 2006. It is based on the blackface Champ with many added features and upgrades. The Mercury Magnetics output transformer, the larger cabinet, and the Eminence Screamin' Eagle 12" speaker allow the amp to be louder with greater low end than the original amps ever could. ...
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SWR 550X head

In 2002, SWR debuted two new Professional Line amplifiers – the 350x and the 750x. Both models offered a simple and straightforward solution for bassists who wanted the famous "SWR Sound" in the simplest Professional Line package possible. Our top-selling Professional Line head right out of the chute, the 350x (for example) started by featuring the renowned SWR tube preamp (using a...
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Dr. Z Maz 38 Sr. 1x12"

This beauty is like new and was kept as a 'house' amplifier in a keyboard player's project studio. It only has approximately 35 hours of use on it. The Maz 38 is one of Dr Z's most enduring designs. It is the perfect combination of sound and power. 4 EL84s with no negative feedback give you a wide pallet to work from. The 38 has enough clean headroom to make for a great pedal platform and...
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Fender® American Vintage '52 Telecaster® - Butterscotch Blonde

The Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster is one of the most iconic guitars in Fender's history. The black, single-ply pick-guard and butterscotch finish has truly became an icon. Fender originally launched this guitar as the Broadcaster, prior to being changed to the "Telecaster." Production began in 1949 and was one of the first "mass produced" solid-body electric guitars ever built. In the...
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