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Cornish G2 SS3 Combo

Clean, nonsmoking & original box/papers. Works as it should with unbroken seals. Grab it because these go extremely quickly!
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Cornish TES Delay

Nonsmoking with un-cracked seals and the original box. Works as it should. Extremely clean and won't disappoint unless you get out your electron microscope and get all Dr Salk on me.
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AMT Stonehead

Wicked little lightweight head! Capable of doing anything you need and portable enough to stick in your sock (if you're Godzilla). Clean one owner nonsmoking with no issues. Save dough vs. new on an amp that smells like it came from the factory...which factory I can't say
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Evans RE200 Combo

Classic Evans RE 200 Combo! Nonsmoking and barely used. No issues. Save dough on an amp everyone clamors for.
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~2012 Ian Anderson Standard

Just 7lbs&2oz of Mahogany Wonder. Ian's own hand wound pickups. Very clean with just a couple of surface "o" shaped dings that are outlined in our detailed spec/condition sheet (see the pictures). Be one of the few to actually get an Ian Anderson...and you won't have to put in a deposit and wait forever.
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2006 NIK HUBER Dolphin II n- KORINA

Korina Body & Neck with a Flame Maple top! Weighs 7lbs-13oz. Haussel Pickups and a Brazilian Rosewood Board. Matching headstock overlay. See the spec/condition sheet in the pictures for all the details.
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2012 Briggs Saturn Deluxe

Jack Briggs makes unique guitars out of woods that any luthier would drool over. This instrument has 1 piece Honduran Mahogany Neck & Body! It features a 5A Quilted Top & Brazilian Rosewood Board. Manlius pickups and tone pros bridge. Grover tuners & a hardshell form fit case. It weighs in at just 8lb-7oz & has a Certificate. 1-11/16 & a 25" Scale. Stainless Med/Jumbo frets. Almost no...
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Lipe Virtuoso

Mike Lipe makes spectacular hand crafted guitars that sound better because they are created not stamped out. I took these on as a dealer (I have new ones) because I believe in the product. They are for the person who is searching for a soulful tuneful organic sounding super-strat format that isn't thin sounding or cheaply made. Mike's guitars all have a characteristic vibration that rings...
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2013 James Tyler Classic with Bacon

I love me a Tyler...I'm a sucker for a Tyler...and now that they come with bacon I'm re-energized! This guitar is the perfect guitar for the super-stray lover out there. The bridge can handle clean to gained up amps. The singles are fat sounding but don't get harsh. Very comfy weight at 7lb-8oz. Extremely clean with an original hard form fit case & papers. See the rest in the pictures where...
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~1996 Fender Custom Shop: Mike Stevens Stevens LJ "YES A FENDER"

YES...Fender DID make this product. Has a Fender Custom Shop emblem on the back of the headstock. Mike Stevens ( still makes the LJ (my favorite) and started with this design at Fender when he started the Custom Shop. These are extremely limited production (estimated in the 30s). This is US Made (some were Japan). Think of a LP that doesn't fart out...a LP with clarity...
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~2012 GVCG Tele

Serial Number 1 of the GVCG Branded Guitars! An even 7lbs with an Ash Body & Maple Neck. Lollar Pickups and a nice soft V type neck. Extremely resonant is the way I'd describe this one! 9.5 radius makes it modern player friendly. See the spec/condition sheet in the pictures for more details. I am so happy these are GVCG Branded. I don't like to carry 'reproduction" instruments.
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1975 Univox Hi Flyer

1975 Univox Hi Flier in excellent condition. Tuners have been upgraded. Comes with a hard case.
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~1960 Tokai Hummingbird

This 1960's era Tokai Hummingbird has built in fuzz. Enjoy the sound of 60's biker movies. This guitar has it all!
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2011 Gustavsson Futuremaster

Just 8lbs-7oz of korina slab body midrangey-ness. That's right...most think of Korina as scooped and biting...but all JGs sound different. That is why I stock so many of the brands you want you know what you are getting and have a choice. This guitar has a voice with a thick full midrange that reminds me of my old Trainwreck. Near Mint condition. See the pictures for the...
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~1930 Regal Wendell Hall TV

Rare 1930's Regal Wendell Hall TV model Uke. No case.
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~1950 Kay Jumbo

This early 1950's Kay jumbo has had tuners upgraded.
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~1960 Teisco ? Left handed Bass

A rare 1960's Japanese manufactured left handed bass guitar. Tuners have been upgraded from originals. Comes with a gig bag.
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~1970 Tempo / Matsumoku Bass

Rare Offset 1970's Sunburst Matsumoku Tempo bass. Comes with case.
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~2000 Dinette Electric Sitar

This Oakland California guitar designer has outdone himself this time! Comes with hard case.
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1976 Ovation Preacher (Model 1281)

This all original Ovation Preacher Stereo Model 1281 is a fine example of mid-seventies design. Comes with soft case.
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~1965 Alamo Fiesta Mk II

Made in San Antonio Texas, this original Alamo Fiesta Mk II is a welcome edition to any collection. Comes with original hard case.
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~1980 Hondo Deluxe Series 781

1980's era Hondo Deluxe Series 781. This explorer shaped Hondo exemplifies an era! Previously owned by a girl in her early 20s who wishes it still was 1984.
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~2000 Sargent Custom Scotty

Sargent custom "Scotty" model. This Oakland California guitar builder shows off his "Dinette" style on this one! Comes with hard case.
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~1950 Magnatone Varsity

1950's MOT Magnatone Varsity lap steel with no case.
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Lakland USA 55-94 Burl Maple Custom

NEW USA Lakland 55-94 Deluxe Burl Maple Custom Rare one of a kind. This top is unique and rare. The Custom top basses are all one of a kind. Unique hand selected custom bodies and here they are. These customs sell quick because there a very few. Nine months wait for one bass to be manufactured. This 55-94 Custom just arrived and now for sale. Very cool Maple Burl top. Midlothian Music is an...
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2008 NIK HUBER Orca Redwood

Just 6lbs-4oz of chambered amazingness. Mahogany body & neck with a Redwood Top that is so 3D. Haussel pickups. Near mint the just one "o" sized surface indent on the side. You can see all the specs and detailed condition in the pictures (see attached sheet)
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