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1998 Gibson CHET CE Classical Electric

This is one of my favorite Gibson guitars ever produced, its 1st use would be for most classical players in need of an electrified nylon string guitar…this one kills it for any capable player, its see-thru Dark Wine Red finish is unusual & makes this one stand out above all others, the 1st examples of this model made it into the 1982 catalog, they were far the best electric Nylon string guitars...
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Comins GCS-1ES

Bill Comins has really hit a home run with the GCS-1 and GCS-1ES series - they're finally selling like hot cakes. It took some time to get the word out, but these fine guitars are getting into the hands of some great players and the demand is now where it should be. It's a worthy competitor to some of the more high profile guitar makers and at a fraction of the cost. These guitars are a players...
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~1985 Fender® Champ® 12

1980's Fender Champ 12 Late 80’s all tube tone monster operating on a single 6L6, this little snakeskin combo has it all! Channel switching, reverb, headphone input, 1 volt line output, and tape inputs! This is a great grab and go workhorse that will have you firing up the old Camaro and dustin off your bolo tie!
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2009 Reinhardt Titan VS 2009 Reinhardt Titan VS! This is a great 36 watt EL84 based combo featuring 3 channels, single 12″ speaker, and a soft and firm tone switch. This amp will do it all from chime clean to rockin class gain! Excellent condition.
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VHT Pittbull 45

2000 VHT Pittbull 45 2x12 Combo This is the original VHT Pittbull 45 back when Steve Fryette still owned the company and built these amazing amps in California. The amp is powered by (4) EL84 Tubes w/ (2) independent channels for clean and distortion settings. Features include reverb, effects loop, foot controller for switching and assignable reverb. This is one of the most versatile and best...
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2010 Mojave Flexi 45

Mojave Flexi 45 Head This baby is in pristine condition and with the KT66 power tubes it delivers a bone crushing tone and clarity. This beauty was designed after the amp that was the benchmark of all classic rock tones, the Marshall JTM45. The amp features a power dampening control that allows you to play the amp with full throttle overdrive at lower volumes. This is an unbelievable amp for...
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2009 Gibson Byrdland

Here's a real beauty - from 2009, a very good condition Gibson Byrdland with rounded venetian cutaway. A shorter scale guitar on a full width but thinline archtop body, the Gibson Byrdland was originally a custom order for two Nashville session players, Billy Byrd and Hank Garland. Byrd and Garland wanted a session-quality guitar that made big chords and fast changes easier, and they got...
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2005 Heritage H-555

8 lbs. 2 oz. HANDCRAFTED IN KALAMAZOO MI USA Absolutely perfect condition. Literally unplayed condition, Zero fretware and none of the Gold worn. Not a nick, dent or scratch on the 10 year old guitar! In stunningly gorgeous Almond Sunburst. When it comes to Semi-Hollowbody guitars, the Heritage H-555 is incomparable. This particular Heritage produces thick, dark tones. Plus, it's made to...
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1981 Yamaha SG1000

The Yamaha SG1000 was introduced in 1976 as part of an improved line of SG models. These improvements were heavily based on input from Carlos Santana. A double-cutaway guitar, the SG 1000's body uses a solid mahogany back and an arched maple cap. The neck is three pieces, a maple center section and mahogany sides. The fingerboard is rosewood, with mother of pearl position marker inlays...
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Tom Anderson Guitarworks Drop Top

Tom Anderson Drop Top Electric Guitar # 07-28-14P - UsedDescription:A beautiful and refined Drop Top to drop your jaw!What we think:What a beautiful slab of tone we have right here! This guitar is the Super-S concept to the max. Between its five-way switch with add bridge and coil splitting options, the tonal possibilities are nearly limitless. I love having all the killer tones of an...
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John Suhr Guitars Classic Antique

Suhr Custom Classic T Antique Trans White with TV JonesDescription:A killer Custom Classic Antique with TV Jones Classic Pickups and a roasted maple neck!What we think:Something about this custom ordered Suhr loaded with TV Jones is really special! It's tone is so unique yet classic sounding you just gotta love it. The joy of chicken pickin' out some quick lines on this ax is hard to beat with...
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Gretsch Drums S1-6514SSBBWH

Gretsch 6.5x14 White Barn Board Stave Snare Drum-NaturalManufacturer Description:Staved snare drums are a brand new addition to the Gretsch snare drum line. Built in the same fashion as professional quality conga drums, the staving process utilizes solid, 7/8” thick, vertical-grain blocks of wood that are precision pinned and glued together to make the shell. Due to this design element, the...
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Collings 0002H - Cutaway

The Collings 0002H Cutaway is a jaw-dropper. The cross between its excellent craftsmanship and quality sound makes this guitar flawless. The 0002H is crafted with an Sitka spruce top, offering an endless range of tonal possibilities. It's Civil War era design makes this guitar an instant classic. With a larger body, the guitar delivers a unique voice, unmatchable by any other acoustic...
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Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic - Tiger Eye Burst

The Tom Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic is truly that of a classic electric guitar. It features the traditional double cutaway design made of chocolate maple on an Mahogany body. It's the most popular choice for a super strat. The sound quality from the Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic is excellent. It belts out the low-mid tones, with a perfect blend from the upper mids. It uses H1-, SF1, and...
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2007 Gibson SG

SG Standard Reissue, faded cherry with nickel hardware. G008.
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Collings Soco w/ Cream Pickguard

When it rains, it pours! The second Collings SoCo Gold Top we've been waiting for just rolled in--and is it ever incredible to behold! Sporting a great retro aesthetic with its cream pickguard, this guitar is a show-stopper from a mile away. The sound is wide-open and complex, even under blistering overdrive, and it cleans up beautifully when the volume controls are rolled back. Priced with hard...
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Calton Mandolin

New Austin, Texas-made Calton Case for mandolin, with red exterior and black interior. Streamlined build, rubber latch bumpers and TME logo plate. Unbeatable quality and fantastic new features!
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1985 Vester Concert

10-0557. Incredible Vester neck thru guitar, blue custom paint job with lighning in yellow. Amazing 80's guitar. Don Lace pickup, floyd rose bridge, it stays in tune like no other. Gotoh skull tuners, never seen another set like these. A must for the heavy metal player. signed by John Petrucci in 2007, he said "wow i haven;t seen one like this since my long hair days
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1991 Peavey Tracer

10-0565. mint peavey tracer from the early 90's. Kahler spyder tremolo, dimarzio pickups, plastic still on the back plates. This is a killer shredder guitar with the best neck ever built, fastest neck ever. Big frets. of course this Peavey is built in the USA. get a real american built guitar for the price of a chinese.
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1960 Kay K161 Thin Twin Jimmy Reed Model

7 lbs. 3 oz. One of the cleanest examples of one of these we've ever come across! The maple top and back are absolutely gorgeous pieces of wood. The original Mallory pots all date 42nd week of 1960 making this possibly one of the last ever made of this super cool and fairly rare guitar. All original except for tuner buttons themselves which were disintegrating and had to be replaced. The...
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2015 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass unplayed

2015 Rickenbacker 4003 in Jetglo. It's in MINT/unplayed condition as you will be the first owner to play this bass.
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Ovation USA cc247

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CC247 Acoustic Electric Guitar Spruce top Lyrachord bowl back Bound rosewood fretboard Multi-ply top binding Abalone rosette Sealed gold tuners Preamp with 3-band EQ, tuner, and gain control Fretboard dots and multichromatic wood epaulet inlay   10-0914
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1998 Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody I Archtop

We've got one of the greats in stock today, from Paul Heumiller's personal collection: a 1998 PRS Hollowbody I Archtop with Quilted Maple top and Mahogany back and sides. Talk about a rockin' package! Thanks to the McCArthy Archtop Pickups, there's more tone than you can shake a pick at. The sound is warm and fat, and the glassy polished frets are smooth to play on for hours. We...
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1997 Martin D-45VR

We've got a great selection of Martins in the shop these days, and this 1997 D-45 VR fits in perfectly. Featuring Martin's stylish 45 series appointments, from the snowflake Abalone fretboard inlay to the Abalone trim across the top, back, and sides, the D-45VR looks as sharp as it sounds, with a big, bold tone characteristic of Martin Dreadnoughts. The Indian Rosewood back and sides give...
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2009 DT Guitars Brescia

This 2009 David Taylor Brescia is decked out with striking Curly Mahogany sides and back, contrasting Ebony body binding, and a lovely Port Orford Cedar top. Port Orford has the look of Spruce but with a gorgeous warm tone. Together with the Mahogany body, it's quick responding and full. The 7-piece Mahogany neck, with its slim profile, and the contrasting back plate are especially...
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1964 Fender® Stringmaster Double 8

Don Helms. Cindy Cashdollar, Noel Boggs, Lucky Oceans, Leon McAuliffe, Y’all come home now, we’ve got your guitar. The deservedly famous and most sought-after of all Fender steels, The Stringmaster, and this is the Great One, the version that everyone wants. Two 8-string 22-1/2” scale easy-playing necks, with two nice long single-coil pickups per neck, and with that tasty little extra control...
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2015 Heritage H535PM

No. 14903 Our "Plain Top" version of Heritage's most popular model Guitar, and many agree the beautiful plain Maple renders a more vintage look. Loaded with quality and performance, including: real Nitrocellulose lacquer finish, real Honduran Mahogany neck, AAA Rosewood fingerboard, cream color binding, Seymour Duncan's most vintage performing model 59 humbuckers, TonePros bridge & stop bar,...
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1967 Martin D-35

This Brazilian rosewood Martin Dreadnaught is the proverbial cannon, and an unusual one at that. Its sound is enormous, much more like a very powerful D-28 than any D-35 I’ve ever played. Apparently sent back to the Martin factory sometime in the last five or ten years, it has new frets, a new nut, and possibly a new fingerboard (looks mighty fresh to me). Back in the 1960s, when D-35s were a New...
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