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2008 DAG Telstar TELSTAR

Mind blowing flexibility in a true Swiss Army Knife format! This one was made by master luthier J Black and bears the DAG logo. The telstar is a Tele/Strat combo that skillfully merges the best features of both. Designed by a real artist to be a workhorse in the studio & on tour. 1 piece Ash Body w/ 1 Piece Maple neck. Med/tall frets with a 1-5/8" width. 9.5" Radius and 25.5 Scale as you...
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1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard in Sunburst, Not a copy replica ro reproduction. It Had a Bigsby 2 holes coved on top, All else is Original. Good weight right under 9 Lbs, Wide Flat neck not too skinny, more like a 61' SG Les Paul. Knock out top, no tuner changes, solder joints original, PAF covers never taken off. Comes with original Brown case. Serious inquires only, More pics available by...
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2011 Teuffel Niwa

Another impossible to find guitar! Near mint! It would cost thousands more and you would endure a multi-year wait to obtain the same instrument. No mods...just Teuffel art & function. Ergonomic. CLARITY like you have never heard. If you use effects you will love this guitar as a platform because it sends such clear tones through that won't get fizzed or boomed out. Very even beautiful...
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2013 Michael Stevens Classic - Korina!

Custom Made 1-owner STEVENS CLASSIC! Hand Carved 1 piece KORINA body & neck! Carved Back. Brazilian Roswewood Board! TOM HOLMES Pickups! Alessandro Pots & Caps. Avoid the 4 year wait and grab a guitar that can't be duplicated. The available supply of light large slabs of korina is almost nil. This masterpiece weighs in at just an even 8 pounds. Custom Stevens form fit hard case of course....
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Michael Spalt Rose T

Art meets Art...luthier hand craftsmanship with unique form and aesthetics. Michael Spalt wows the guitar world with specimen after specimen. Toneful, ergonomic and show stopping beauty. This one is loaded with tonal features such as a brazilian rosewood NECK! Shaller tuners. 25.5" Scale & 1-5/8" Nut. Med/Jumbo Frets w 12 Radius. Comfortable familiar C shaped neck profile. Just 7 pounds! ...
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Jeff Senn Original Senn Strat®

Jeff Senn is a respected boutique luthier known for his Original Senn instruments. Light weight at 7lbs-5oz. 1 Piece Ash body & Maple neck w 9.5" Radius. Tall thin Frets. This one is in Exc+ Nonsmoking Condition with the original hard case. Simulated aging. All the specs are included in a sheet located with the pictures...please have a look.
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2013 Ed Schaefer Mule Team - LP Special (Scratch & Dent)

Hand crafted Ed Schaefer guitar that I stock as an Authorized Dealer. This one experienced some dings in shipping and the finish around the neck joint has bubbled for some unknown reason. Save $750 on this amazing guitar that will knock your socks off.
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Thomas Rein Tele®

Another guitar that NEVER comes up for sale! 1 piece Mahogany Neck. 24.75" Scale w/ 1-11/16 width. 12 Radius & Medium Frets. Think LP in Tele clothes. Bartolini Pickups. Just 6lbs-9oz! Original soft case. Overall Excellent Condition with no fret wear. See the rest of the specs and condition in the pictures.
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2005 Fender® Custom Shop Rory Gallagher Stratocaster®

Yes, I have been blessed with yet another Rory Strat! Offered is this very, very cool Rory Gallagher Stratocaster built by the Custom Shop in 2005. Accurately based on Rory's '61 Strat, the specs of this lightly-played collector piece include: a very light alder body with a total guitar weight of just 7.6 pounds with heavily aged nitro finish; a mid-60's C-shape maple neck with depth measurements...
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2008 John Page P1 SV

Just a WOW guitar with a Brazilian Rosewood Board! Custom created with a soft V .9/1.0 Profile hard rock maple neck. 1-11/16 width and 25.5" Scale with Medium Frets & 12 radius. No fret wear and smooth fret ends. Body woods are HONDURAN Mahogany, Cedar and Redwood! Suhr Pickups & Original Form Fit Hard Case. Of course it has the Certificate. Nonsmoking former home. A masterpiece that...
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Old World (aka Lovepedal) Strat® .....hard tail w/ F logo

Are you kidding...just 6lbs-6oz! Hard tail Strat Relic. This one has an F headstock. 9.5 Radius and no fret wear. C neck & Budz Pickups. The rest of the essential facts are shown in the Spec/Condition sheet located in the pictures.
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New Orleans Voodoo Custom

Vincent makes WOW guitars by hand! Just loaded with features and workmanship typically found on instruments costing 2-4 times as much. Exotic woods such as the Black Limba neck & body.....Cypress Top. Rosewood board. Grover tuners. Somehow he keeps the weights extremely low on this set neck carved top axe...just 7lb-14oz. Comes with a hardshell form fit case. Overall EXC+ Condition and...
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2006 Nash F-Headstock '56 Strat® Relic®

Early NASH Strat '56 version with a Heavy Relic. Just 7lbs-7oz. 1 Piece Ash Body! Tall thin frets on this maple neck w/ 9.5 radius. No fret wear and smooth fret ends. Original case. Nonsmoking home use. See the spec/condition sheet in the pictures for all the details.
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1935 Gibson L-00

Fresh neckset. Two long repaired top cracks. Comes with original soft shell case (and original tissue paper!). Very fine tone. Purchased from the family of the original owner in Tennessee.
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1966 Vox/JMI Domino Bass Amp

Offered for sale is this rare vintage Domino Bass valve (tube) amp made by Jennings Musical Industries (aka Vox) in Great Britain in the early sixties. It is in very good cosmetic condition and excellent working order - one owner since 1966 - sadly it's had a replacement Fender speaker fitted as well as an IEC mains socket and new jack sockets for the amp/speaker connections. Otherwise it...
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~1960 Vox/JMI Shadow Guitar

Ok, own up - who remembers standing in front of their bedroom mirror with one of these, practising the moves and playing along with Hank on the Dansette? It's not quite Hank Marvin's red Strat, and it certainly wouldn't ever have played like it, but it does look the part.This is a collector's item - an all-original (as far as we can tell) Vox Shadow guitar: manufactured circa 1963 to cater to the...
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~1960 Telefunken Echomixer

Rapidly becoming a modern mix classic: a Telefunken Echomixer in excellent condition. Modified for ease of use: ¼" jack sockets for all inputs; output on a ¼" jack trailing lead. A testament to early sixties German engineering and build quality: all-discrete components, germanium transistors and a great sound from the Gibbs tank. Channel A is for unprocessed signals, Channels B & C pass...
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Maestro Echoplex EP2/3

This is a rare transition model of one of the most legendary tape delays ever made: the Maestro Echoplex EP2/EP3 - a solid state unit in EP2 format. The EP2 and EP3 were famously used by Jimmy Page on stage and in the studio with Led Zeppelin and Page & Plant, as well as by Eddie Van Halen amongst many others. It features the noodletastic Sound On Sound facility which allows you to play along...
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Evans SE-810

Soundgas are delighted to present this uncommon Evans Super Echo in excellent condition and superb working order (see many more detailed photos below the description). It's been serviced, cleaned, demagged and calibrated for optimum performance and sounds amazing. Also issued under the MultiVox brand, these units are very hard to find and are a worthy rival to the Roland Space Echo:...
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Evans EE-6 Super Echo

Offered for sale here is an uncommon Evans Echo in very good condition (see many more detailed photos below the description) and superb working order. It's just been cleaned, demagged and calibrated for optimum performance and fitted with a new tape loop - it sounds great. Also issued under the MultiVox brand, these units are very hard to find. With variable delay times via the sliding head (a...
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Dynacord VRS-23

Offered for sale is this Dynacord VRS 23 in good cosmetic condition and excellent working order. These all-analogue BBD reverb/delays have a wonderful sound - capable of some very atmospheric reverb and lovely warm organic delays - as with all Dynacord gear, this is a high quality piece. It is a testament to German design and quality. It's in good condition for its 30 years though there's...
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1978 Fender® Telecaster® Deluxe

This Fender Telecaster Deluxe was made in the USA in 1978. It shows lots of wear, but no structural damage. It has a cool vibe and plays great and sounds awesome. Its all original, and has been pro-setup and is ready to go. Call for an in hand description.
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1964 Fender® Jazz Bass®

This Fender Jazz Bass was made in the USA in 1964. The body has been poorly refinished sunburst. One of the pickups is not original. Otherwise it is all there. It is a great player and it sounds great too. It comes with a non original hard shell case.
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1964 Supro S6422TR Tremo-Verb

1964 Supro S6422TR Tremo-Verb is in excellent condition and perfect playing order. Other than a strange mystery hole that was drilled into the back panel, this gorgeous amp is all original! Loaded with a single 12" Jensen speaker, has tube-driven tremolo, a luscious and spacious reverb, and a ton of vintage mojo to go around! The exterior is in overall very nice shape. It's a very simple...
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1960 Epiphone Pacemaker

This is a very rare and early Epiphone Pacemaker. This is the earliest version of this amp complete with the bikini logo. This would be an excellent companion to a NY pickup coronet if you have one. The amp works fine and sounds excellent. It is the same circuit as the Gibson Skylark.
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Wampler Faux Tape Echo, Early Discontinued Version!

Up for sale, a Wampler Faux Tape Echo in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This is the early and discontinued five knob version of the pedal, and this particular stomp box is quite cosmetically clean with no notable wear. Here's what Wampler has to say about their revolutionary hybrid digital/analog Faux Tape Echo: "The Faux Tape Echo delay has become a staple in Nashville and...
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2007 Fender® Telecaster® '52 Reissue

This guitar started life as a normal AVRI '52 Reissue Tele, but almost every single part has been upgraded, and the neck appears to have been refinished and given a new decal. It has Seymour Duncan antiquity pickups, aged kluson replice tuners (which might be original but have been artificially aged) a new bridge and neckplate. It comes in a reissue thermometer case. It has been setup and...
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~1960 Crown, Univox Shin Ei Companion FY-6 Super Fuzz

Up for sale, a 1960s "Crown" Shin Ei FY-6 Companion Fuzz, perhaps better known as the Univox Super Fuzz! Marketed under various names and in various enclosures as well, this pedal has the unmistakable no-nonsense buzzsaw fuzz tone heard on countless records (Pete Townshend, Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan and J Mascis are among the FY-6's most notable users). This circuit delivers a thick, churning...
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1971 Epiphone EA-5102T

This Epiphone EA-5102T was made in Japan in the early 1970's. It has been pro-setup and needs nothing. It plays great and sounds very good. It comes with a gigbag.
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