3204 This guitar is great, it has a rough exterior but a heart of gold.

It has serious deep and melodious mojo too. Also, a long repaired crack on it's back. that looks like a topigraphical map of the Badlands, but it is all softened with age to an almost soft leather-like texture.
The front has a small repaired crack from the bridge to the soundhole but none of this affects the sound.
You must play this guitar. If you want a great sounding guitar with deep resonant vintage appeal, this is it. I bought this guitar at a high price- over $2500 because it was the best sounding J-50 at the last Arlington show. The previous owners Chicago based R&R Vintage(dealers) mourned its leaving. They said they loved playing it at their shop.

Year Condition Color Case
1964 Good Natural top Hard


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