2013 Gretsch G5442B


  • Year: 2013
  • Manufacturer: Gretsch
  • Model: G5442B
  • Case: None
  • Color: Transparent Red
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Description: A Fantastic Hollowbody Bass from Gretsch! One of the nicest things about Gretsch's G5442BDC short-scale hollowbody electric bass guitar is that, although it gives you that characteristically full acoustic bass sound, it also escapes any kind of sonic pigeon-holing. In other words, whether you play old-time country or are riding the cutting edge of modern rock, you'll have no trouble whatsoever introducing the sound of this incredible bass into your music. Made from 5-ply laminate maple (naturally bright) and adorned with a pair of Gretsch's awesome Black Top Filter'Tron humbuckers, the G5442BDC provides you with the deep, expressive yet controlled sound you'll only get from a short-scale bass. Keep reading to learn all about the Gretsch G5442BDC short-scale hollowbody electric bass.