Kay Vintage Reissue Thin Twin Blonde 0609233 Electric Guitar


Vintage Reissue Semi-Hollow Guitar

What we think:

The flame on this guitars top is very nice for a guitar under a grand! The grain on the back is tasty too! Time to get old school with this lo-fi bluesy semi-hollow re-issue.

Most popular finish for the new re-issue Thin Twin is Blonde.  These are made better than the original Kay Guitars and for a price you can afford!  We love the funky pickguard on the blonde model!

If you have any questions about the Kay Thin Twin re-issue guitars, call or email Sound Pure for more info!

Manufacturer Description:

The K161 Kay Thin Twin electric guitar was originally introduced in 1952 and was known as the "Jimmy Reed" or "Howlin' Wolf" model. T-Bone Burnett played a Thin Twin to back up Robert Plant and Allison Krauss at the 2009 Grammy Awards. The Thin Twin was the first guitar able to create that unique blues sound from the special Kay interior bracing that made the instrument a favorite among blues players as well as rockers of the '50s and '60s.

The Thin Twin got its name from its two Blade pickups, known for their distinctive clean, sharp, sustaining sound. The Thin Twin's hollow-body chamber parallel bracing produces that gutsy, bluesy, raw sound, creating a clean natural distortion without feedback.

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