1976 Martin D- 41- GrinningElk Music Co.


  • Year: 1976
  • Manufacturer: Martin
  • Model: D- 41- GrinningElk Music Co.
  • Case: Original Hard
  • Color: Natural Spruce
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Description: Too say that Martin's reputation precedes them is like saying Oprah has more than a few dollars. It's just that simple. This D-41 has had the time to mellow and develop that tone that you just can't buy (even if it is a new Martin). Like it is with fine wine, so it is with the maturation process of exquisite woods. Our luthier tells us all the time and I quote, " the wood hasn't had time to breath, just play the guitar and the tone will come." Take a look at this guitar, with it's Abalone inlayed body, Ebony fretboard and Indian rosewood back and sides. Simply put, it's an absolute stunner. The years have been kind to this girl and the tone is nothing short of remarkable. In closing, isn't it time for you to treat yourself to that guitar you've always wanted? Why not- you deserve it and that's what makes being a guitarist so great. You have endless options- when you find that "perfect" one, go for it and do exactly that here at GrinningElk.