1970 Martin D18


  • SOLD!

  • Year: 1970
  • Manufacturer: Martin
  • Model: D18
  • Case: Hard
  • Color: Natural
  • Condition: Good
  • Description: Nice, clear, and jangly 1970 Martin D18. Nice weight and balance and sounds stunning. Comfortable worn in neck with a great shape. Big and loud and great for cowboy chords. Year: 1970 Serial: 265329 Finish: Natural Case: Gator Hard Case Weight: 3.4 lbs Condition: Good. Modifications: Professional neck reset done by previous owner. Comments: Great player D18. Weird, hardly visible substance stuck to spots on the back of the guitar, I would assume from the case the previous owner kept the guitar in. I’m sure with some elbow grease it would come right off.