Low-fidelity hiss and lots of it without digital compression.

The Lo-Fi Loop Junky loop pedal from ZVex really is low-fidelity—the recording of your guitar is filled with hiss, moan, distortion, and warped-record strangeness, but everyone will be able to tell the loop from your real guitar. Because the processing of your direct guitar is done with a specialized bootstrap circuit with the very highest impedance circuit ZVex has developed, your direct guitar will have detail incomparable with anything you've heard before. The juxtaposition of your direct guitar against the smashed, distorted, shimmering, warbling recording of the loop mechanism will make it clear once and for all who is the guitarist and what is the machinery.

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to this tiny, battery-saving looper pedal. You may only record one loop. There is no sound-on-sound available with this technology. But, if you unplug your cables, take out the battery, and bury it for a hundred years, the last loop you recorded will still be there when you drag yourself out of the grave and plug it in for the centennial resurrection gig. That's because the ZVex Lo-Fi Loop Junky uses really bizarre technology that literally crams analog signals into static digital storage cells without analog-to-digital conversion. It's pure analog storage, just like the old bucket-brigade technology, for 20 seconds straight.

Note: Due to the nature of each hand-painted Lo-Fi Loop Junky pedal, there may be a slight difference in design from the posted image.


Hand-painted artwork
Records up to 20 seconds of your performance
Allows you to initiate and finish a recording at any moment with a stomp switch, when activated
Begins looping a few thousandths of a second after the record process is finished
Remembers your loop even when unplugged or with the battery removed, for up to 100 years
True bypass
The true-bypass switch initiates loop playback from the sample's beginning at any time
vibrato with speed and depth controls, allowing a vibrato/chorus/Leslie-like shimmer
Very slow vibrato speed for warped-record effects, to very fast for jiggly playback
Real clocked-analog recording with no analog-to-digital conversion
Records using velvety compression for a smooth organ-like sound
Allows overdriven recording of storage cells using "record level" control
a tone control that rolls off hiss and other annoying artifacts for burbling, mellow samples
Gorgeously transparent guitar preamp built-in to give your direct guitar a glistening finish
Really small footprint, like a fuzz factory
Draws as little as 2 mA from the battery when in bypass mode, and about 12 mA when activated
Features aliasing artifacts, distortion, hiss, out-of-tune effects, strange behavior, and long battery life
Allows loop erasure during bypass, resulting in a looping hiss sample
Never sounds like what you played into it—always alters the original tone and dynamics
No learning curve—5 simple knobs, 2 stomp-switches for bypass and record, and a safety switch
Hiss—and lots of it
Simple LED status indicator

Add this crazy Lo-Fi looper to your arsenal and your sound'll never be the same again.

Year Condition Color Case
2014 Brand New Hand Painted Soft


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