2013 Composite Acoustics CA Most in stock

Impervious to heat and humidity... The ultimate road /travel guitar... All Carbon Fiber and composite... not a piece of wood in them! I was a skeptic... no more! Try one, You'll be impressed. Factory electronics,,, Play Denver today Key West tomorrow... Live on a boat? Travel? It will be the same tomorrow as it is today.. Starting at around a grand... Leave your Collings/Martin/Taylor at home!
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Composite Acoustics OXE Raw ELE

Demo Model, Just $1399! This is the Composite Acoustic OXE guitar. The design features a smaller OM body shape that is shallow and extremely comfortable. Thanks to the carbon fiber top and bracing it is still extremely loud, like all CA guitars. This is certainly the most balanced model from composite acoustic guitars, making it perfect for fingerstyle musicians. This one has the raw satin finish...
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