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2014 G&L JB

Player's Perspective The G&L JB is all about subtle refinements to a timeless design. Paul Gagon, the tone and pickup guru over at G&L, analyzed hundreds of coveted old-school basses from the '60's. He found that part of their revered status had a lot to do with inconsistency. Back in the day, each bass rolled off the line a little differently, so some were "accidentally" built...
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2014 G&L M-2000

Player's Perspective G&L's M-2000 is a gig and studio ready workhorse of a bass that sounds and plays better than some instruments that cost twice as much. It's all about power and versatility on a super comfortable design. The tone is rich, full and dynamic, easily dialed in to your exact liking. This bass doesn't cater specifically to slappers or jazzers or pickers; it caters to...
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