1937 Epiphone Deluxe

In 1935, Epiphone debuted its redesigned professional series guitars with upsized bodies, larger f-holes, and a new streamlined script logo and inlay designs. Regarded by many as the pinnacle of Epiphone design, these transitional models were produced only until 1938, making instruments of this vintage some of the scarcest examples of Epiphone's Golden Era. Originally christened the Super...
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1939 Epiphone Broadway

Introduced in 1932, the Epiphone Broadway was a perennially popular model, and has remained in production in various versions on and off to this day. Built with the same body size and scale length as the Deluxe, the Broadway sports the same gold hardware, powerful voice and playable neck of its costlier cousin. Many feel the Broadway peghead vine is among the most graceful inlays ever designed,...
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1948 Epiphone Triumph

The Epiphone Triumph was introduced in 1932, becoming Epi's most popular pro-sized guitar until the company closed in the 50's. Designed in the height of the big-band era, the Triumph has always been a favorite for players wanting maximum bang for the buck. Built with the same materials, scale length, and body design as the upscale Deluxe and Broadway models, the Triumph delivers all the sound...
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