1959 Epiphone Emperor E-112T


Van Hoose Vintage

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This superb instrument is a 1959 Emperor thinline electric , one of the first made by Gibson in Kalamazoo shortly after they had purchased Epiphone in 1957. The guitar has Epiphone New York parts including pickups and knobs and the patent-pending Frequensator tailpiece, as well as a beautiful original multi-bound pickguard with the silver "E" logo, Grover Imperial tuners, and a Gibson non-wire...
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1964 Epiphone Emperor E-112TN

Was there ever a guitar with more superlatives? With its massive 18 1/2" body, the E-112T Emperor was by far the largest thinline guitar ever in regular production. It's also the only triple pickup thinline built by Gibson or Epiphone, and by miles the most expensive. And the numbers don't lie: the E-112T Emperor is undoubtedly the rarest production thinline ever made. In 1959, just two years...
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