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1958 Epiphone FT-79 Texan

The Epiphone FT-79 model made quite a transition when the Gibson company purchased Epiphone in 1957. The FT-79 had previously been made with a long scale neck and a peanut shaped body with an arched back. The Gibson acquisition meant that many of the half finished parts from the old Epi factory were shipped from New York, NY to Kalamazoo, MI. Like many of the 1957-1960 Epiphones, Gibson mated...
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1966 Epiphone FT-79 Texan

The Epiphone FT-79 was originally produced by Epiphone in 1941, but not in the shape we see here. It was a small jumbo guitar, with walnut back and sides – looking very much like some later Guild models. After Gibson acquired Epiphone, the 1958 model was redesigned to carry Gibson’s Advanced Jumbo slope-shouldered dreadnought body design and the name ‘Texan’ was added. In 1972, the rosewood...
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