Fender® Classic '69 Thinline Telecaster® Electric Guitar Black

The semi-hollow-body design was originally an attempt to reduce the weight of the solid-body Telecaster guitar; the f-hole being the most apparent visual clue to its construction. With its reshaped pickguard, the ’69 Telecaster Thinline is a lightweight addition to the Tele family, but with heavyweight feel and tone.
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2011 Fender® American Vintage '69 Thinline Telecaster®

Brand New with Warranty - All Candy with Original Case - Original MSRP $2439.99 - Weighs 5 lbs., 15.5 oz.
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1973 Fender® Telecaster® Thinline

Tommy Castro signed Tele Thinline. Great look, great viibe, and distinctive humbucker growl. More on the Tele Thinline "Designed by German luthier Roger Rossmeisl in 1968, it was introduced in 1969 and updated with a pair of Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups, Bullet truss-rod and 3-bolt neck fixing in 1972. The design was originally an attempt to reduce the weight of the solid-body...
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2007 Trussart Holey Steelcaster

These guitars are incredible, and sound great. This relic is in near mint condition in an aged seafoam green color. Very minor fret wear. This Steelcaster features the holey option: both back and front are made of a sheet-metal mesh. Originally this mesh was merely a visual twist, until Trussart realized it reduced feedback when compared to his standard sheet metal designs. The edges...
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