1984 Fender® Fullerton '62 Stratocaster®

Here is a rare one and I am absolutely thrilled to have this in the shop! Here we have a 1984 Fullerton Fender ’62 Reissue Stratocaster in the very rare and original Candy Apple Red finish. The gold undercoat is present and shows greening in spots. Also, and it appears this one is factory finished over Fiesta Red, which has been documented from other Fullerton Strats. Overall in Great condition...
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1983 Fender® Jazz Bass®, '62 Fullerton Reissue

I play almost every bass that comes in here and if I can't get to it, our luthier does. When we acquired this bass at the Philly Guitar show, I secretly told myself that although our tech may set it up, I'll do the playing on it. I cut my teeth on a '72 Jazz, so you can imagine my excitement as I sat down with this beauty for the first time. The neck is gorgeous- thin, Jazzy smoothness that's as...
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~1984 Fender® Stratocaster® 62 Vintage Reissue

Fender Stratocaster 62 Vintage Reissue: Neck dates 12-3-84 which would place this as a fullerton guitar. Rare Daphine Blue color. I see some monkeying around on this one, but nothing terrible. The body contours look right. Please asl questions Great Condition with only minimal use at best. Rosewood board with clay dots, Vintage fretwire, truss rod works properly, no divots on board or frets....
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