1998 Fender® Telecaster® - Nashville

10-0868 this has three pickups rare and nice player/nickel plated rosewood neck
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Fender® Nashville Telecaster® deluxe

Used Fender Nashville Telecaster Butterscotch w/ Fishman Piazo bridge Features: Used Fender Nashville Telecaster Butterscotch w/ Fishman Piazo bridge OUR PRICE: $499.95 mention Gbase while we still have this one and we will throw in a free used hard shell case must mention in davance we are just trying to see if gbase is still getting any traffic
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2008 Fender® Deluxe Nashville Telecaster®

"As down-home and sophisticated as the city it's named for [what?], the Deluxe Nashville Tele guitar comes with a Tex-Mex Stratocaster pickup in between two Tex-Mex Telecaster pickups. This array, combined with five-way Strat-o-Tone switching, makes it one of the most versatile Telecaster models they make. Features include ash, maple fingerboard with medium jumbo...
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2011 Fender® MIM Nashville Telecaster®

2011 MIM Fender Telecaster Nashville. The guitar is near mint, with a small ding on the back of the neck at the 7th fret. Beautiful butterscotch finish. If you have any questions we can help you with please contact us at or phone at 509.244.3001
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2014 Fender® Deluxe Nashville Telecaster®

Nothing says twang like a Telecaster, and this Fender Deluxe Nashville Tele has got it in spades, but you'll find it exceptional for rock, blues and just about anything else too. The inclusion of an additional Tex-Mex Strat pickup tucked between its two Tex-Mex Tele pickups, along with a five-way control switch, makes this an immensely versatile guitar at every level. You've got a brown burst on...
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1998 Fender® American Deluxe Nashville Telecaster®

Fender's American Deluxe series is well loved by players. A great combo of top of the line features and great American made quality. This gorgeous Telecaster American Deluxe is a rare model made for only a few years in a Nashville configuration before the new American Deluxe series hit. The body is ash for good sound and looks. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a 9.5 inch radius rosewood...
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2009 Fender® Telecaster® Custom 60 Reissue Relic®

Clean and original, Custom Shop, aged parts, excellent player, lightweight only 7 pounds, comes with certificate, strap, cord, all the candy and original brown hardcase. Nashville studio guitar never gigged with. Paypal accepted.
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2012 Fender® James Burton Telecaster®

When I think of James Burton, I think about a guitar show in Nashville, Tn. in the spring of '93. Those of you who attended the Nashville shows back then remember that, back in the 90's, they were truly an event. I mean, you can't never tell what you'd find or the interesting people you would encounter. But, back to my story... So I was walking down a crowed corridor, looking at, of all things a...
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1995 Fender® Telecaster®

10-0033. Custom shop black sparkle finish. Excellent condition except for scratch under switch plate. Nashville set up.
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~2012 Fastback Custom Guitars '52

Up for sale, a Fastback Custom Guitars '52 in a stunning blonde finish. This brand new guitar was handmade in Seattle, WA and takes its cues from the golden age of Fender with only the finest hardware and electronics. Many companies who build Fender style instruments use off the shelf bodies and necks (usually of questionable AllParts quality), but the Fastback instruments are in a league of...
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