2007 PRS Mcarty

10-09222007 USA PRS McCarty Korina We were a longtime authorized PRS Dealer and had the opportunity over the years to stash away a few new PRS guitars that we felt exceptional and or that we felt had significant historical significance… in other words, guitars that we deemed to be special. This PRS McCarty Korina Soapbar guitar is one of the first 500 of this model produced and so, as a...
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2005 Gibson Korina Explorer

KILLER 58' reissue Explorer. Great player and really clean. Crazy light weight. Nice neck profile. It's 100% original and includes all case candy and COA. Plus a nice big Lifton style case!
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2006 Gibson Explorer 76 Reissue in Natural with Gold Hardware

A very cool Explorer in hard to find natural! It really cops the look of the 76 models but also has a very 58 Korina vibe as well. Solid mahogany body for excellent sustain. Solid mahogany neck with a slim taper and a rosewood fingerboard for easy playability. The bridge pickup is a hot 500T at the bridge and a 496R at the neck delivers big tone. Added pickup covers for a vintage look. Nashville...
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2003 Gibson Historic Div. Les Paul R8, Brazilian

There are only 250 of these Brazilian '58 reissues to choose from and out of that number, just how many of them have factory Bigsby tremolos? That boggles my mind. It's kinda like the age- old question: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop? This guitar, as you can see is in excellent original condition, having some light belt wear on the back. So what-...
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