~1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior GA 5

Gibson Les Paul Junior amp... GA 5 new tubes ... sounds great...original 7" Oval Rola speaker ...a/c cable replaced ...
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1963 Gibson Skylark GA-5T

This used Gibson Skylark GA-5T from 1963 is in Very Good condition with a nice, sweet tone in an incredibly small package. It has built-in Tremolo and a simple two-control interface: Loudness and Frequency (volume and tremolo rate). A super cool vintage amp, these tube-driven combos really sound great at both low and high volumes, and pair great with high-output pickups like in a Les Paul. A real...
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1966 Gibson GA-45 RVT Saturn

This is a vintage 1966 Gibson GA-45 RVT "Saturn" all tube combo amp. Loaded with 2x10" original Gibson "Ultrasonic" speakers, and armed with a tube complement of 4x 6EU7, 1x 12AU7, 1x 6CG7, 1x 0A2, and a pair of 6L6's for power, this thing can get really loud. Fantastic sounding overdrive and distortion and lush spring reverb and tremolo. Comes with original footswitch for reverb and trem. The...
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1961 Gibson GA-79RVT Multi-Stereo Combo

Ref.# 00322. One of The Best Amps Gibson ever made. The 1961 GA-79RVT Multi-Stereo in Tweed. 203 made and harder than hell to find one as nice as this one owner beauty. 2x15w 2x10" Jensen speakers. Inputs: 2+2 mono and 1 stereo. 2 channels. 2 volume controls. Bass and treble control on each channel. Tremolo has depth and frequency with a separate reverb control, of course...!!! Stereo-Monaural...
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