1974 Gibson J-200 Artist

Since the release of the 17"-wide Super Jumbo 200 in 1938, the Gibson J-200 has always been the "King of the Cowboy Guitars." Simply put, there is no guitar that captures the sound and striking aesthetic of a J-200. This 1974 J-200 is in all-original, excellent condition with no repairs or issues. It is a great example of the '70s iteration of the J-200 Artist, which features a more conventional...
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1959 Gibson J-200

Holy grail guitar alert. Bucket list. 1959 Gibson J-200. Just like the one Elvis played, indeed! Repair free, 100 percent original parts. Maple back and sides, mustache bridge, gold Grover tuners. Near mint!!! Original Gibson badged pink lined Lifton case!! Just the case for these go for 1200-1500. Prices for the J-200 bursts of this era often climb to 11000-12000 dollars. The whole package can...
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1949 Geib J-200 Case

1949-54 Gibson J-200 hardshell case in outstanding condition. Brown exterior with soft, mint green interior. The handle and all latches and hinges are original, intact, and in working condition. Will also fit Gibson L-5 models and 17 inch lower bout archtops. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1956 Gibson J-200N

10-0946 In October of 1956, Gibson gave Elvis Presley a blonde J-200 with serial number A22937. Presley?s lead guitarist Scotty Moore had recently signed an endorsement contract with Gibson, and Gibson hoped to strike a similar deal with the incredibly popular star. However, Presley?s manager Colonel Tom Parker forbid Elvis to endorse products, so the guitar was invoiced to Moore. Presley...
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1993 Gibson J-2000 GM / Ren Ferguson Build

This is a very special Gibson guitar. This guitar was custom-built by Ren Ferguson and John Walker from the Gibson Custom Shop. In an email, John Walker told me the story of its building: "The guitar was originally built for a dealer, but when the General Manager saw it he claimed it for his own." That's kind of a cool back story for the guitar. Ren Ferguson is one of the greatest guitar...
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~1950 Gibson SJ-200

1949-50, Factory(?) refinish sunburst, newer Gibson guard, refretted, perfect repro bridge and bridge plate, great sounding and easy playing J-200
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1939 Gibson J-55

This rare model was higher level model than J-35 and made from 1939 to 1943. In 1939, Gibson made 497 J-35, but they only made 55 of J-55! It is a very rare model and you can hardly Gibson decorated it with the unique stairway step head, larger pickguard which was used on SJ-100, mustache bridge which was used for SJ-200 (w/indiviual saddles).  You can also replace the individual saddles with the...
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1967 Epiphone/Gibson FT-112 Bard

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS WELCOME!!! In 1958 Gibson acquired the Epiphone trademark and equipment, lock, stock, and barrel, and as the Blue Book of Acoustic Guitars says, “It was decided that Epiphone would be re-established as a first-rate guitar manufacturer, so that Gibson’s parent company, CMI, could offer a product comparable in every way to Gibson....Gibson was (in effect) competing with...
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2004 Gibson Montana J-45

For your consideration, Garrett Park Guitars presents this 2004 Gibson J-45. Built in Bozeman, Montana, this J-45 boasts rosewood sides and back, and a beautifully sunburst spruce top. The ebony fingerboard sports 21 frets, and the headstock is beautifully adorned with Gibson in pearl inlay. The guitar features an L.R. Baggs piezo pickup, and original hard case. Call, email, or chat for...
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1969 Gibson J-160E

This one is cool. Lots of wear, nicks, dings, and scratches. A lot of finish checking, and it’s pretty deep. A bit of the finish has flaked off at the bottom by the strap button. The guitar plays and sounds well and the frets and fingerboard are in good shape. There are no cracks in the wood. 1 11/16 inch nut width. (VG-)
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2005 Gibson Custom Shop John Lennon Peace Model

Truetone Music of Santa Monica is offering up the is gorgeous Gibson John Lennon Signature Peace guitar. The guitar sounds incredible. Just what you would expect from the Gibson Custom shop. Very loud and resonant! The guitar is in very good shape with just a few very minor cosmetic marks. Collector owned and strummed on just a few times. Includes the original hard case, and everything...
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1939 Gibson J-35

SN: EG -7236. Gorgeous 1939 J-35 in fine condition and rare blond; only 3,000 total made between 1936 and 1942 and few have survived so gracefully. This nearly no-issues guitar is an unabashed ballbuster that will cut through any string band. This is a big, deep bodied jumbo designed to compete with the D-18 with a tight grained Adirondack top and light stained mahogany back and sides. The scale...
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1995 Martin OM-28VR

This is a new guitar that developed a center seam humidity crack at the dealer shop before sale. Because center seam cracks are the easiest to repair and least harmful to the sound I bought it. Many consider the OM model with its 25.4" scale length the best Martin fingerstyle guitars. Remarkable bass response from a small, comfortable body. I was amazed by the detail and hugeness of the sound...
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1979 Gibson Kalamazoo Award Pickguard

This is a brand new 1979 Kalamazoo Award pickguard, factory wired for floating J. Smith type pickup (available from Seymour Duncan's Custom Shop) with volume & Tone Pots ,1/8" input jack, support felt, inlaid Abalone Eagle & Branch, shellac finish, gold plated screws & jack bracket and 5 ply binding. All new & never installed. Also have one unfinished sans hardware for $200. WOLFE GUITARS, Jay...
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1939 Gibson J-55

You know it when you play it..... a guitar so alive and purely resonant that it feels like a bomb ready to go off in your hands. Pre-War Gibson "jumbo'' flat-tops are in a category all by themselves and are widely considered among players and collectors to be among the finest sounding acoustic instruments ever made. This 1939 stairstep peghead J-55 was restored by Kevin Kopp, a former Gibson...
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1969 Gibson J-50

This guitar looks cool!! Fantastic figured back. Great aged golden patina on the top. Checking throughout. A few hairline cracks on top (see pic 5). Plugged strap button hole on heel (see pic 5). Had grovers at one time, original tuners back on. Dings throughout and a lot of pick marks on the top of the guitar. Looks like it had a pro neck reset (see pic 5). Sounds real fat and defined/focused....
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1969 Gibson J-45

Sunburst, just in former Soul Asylum guitar from Dan Murphy, featuring a gorgeous sunburst finish on a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, excellent example and the first year for the square shouldered J-45, no made in USA or volute, in good shape with a replaced bridge, crack free, ready to play and sounding good, comes with the original faultless case....
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~1949 Gibson J-45

@@@ ~ $6199 ~ @@@ FON of 330 so could be 1949 but Multiple bound top , either way its a super example with no structural issues or cracks but lots of wear , has removed Rhinestones on Headstock that up close you can see lines from. Original case too with some extra modern lining on top of original lining ! Its no wonder these are the most sought after ....its the tone an absolute CANNON !!
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1959 Gibson ES-335

This is one of the first 335's to roll off the line in 1959. The serial is only 70 numbers into 59 and the factory order is 58. It has some 58 features-like the thin top (that's a good thing) and some 59 features like the bigger frets. What's most unusual is, of course, the finish. This is a designated factory second as evidenced by the "2" on the headstock. It is fairly clear that the deep...
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