1953 Gibson L-48 - #200971

Serial Number: Y7063-31 General Description: Manufactured from 1946 to 1971. 16" acoustic archtop, single-bound body, mahogany sides, sunburst.
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1958 Gibson 1958 Gibson L-48 Pickguard

Crack-free Gibson Pickguard from 1958 for your L-48. Comes with original spacer and screw. Looks fantastic. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1956 Gibson L-48

FON V7372-30. The Gibson L-48 was the company’s most affordable post-war archtop, produced from 1946 into the late 1960’s. The guitar features a single-bound body with mahogany top and sides, and maple back. Dot-inlaid rosewood fingerboard, rosewood adjustable bridge, simple nickel-plated trapeze tailpiece, and Gibson decal logo. Changed Kluson tuners, end-pin jack added (pickup since removed),...
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1952 Gibson L-48

For all you players who'd love to have a real nice archtop acoustic, just like folks did in the 1940s and 50s, here's your great opportunity. The L-48 was Gibson's foray into the market for those who wanted an L-5 but couldn't afford it, and they are beautifully built. Laminated American maple all around and a genuine mahogany neck with high-quality rosewood fingerboard is what it's all about....
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Gibson L-48

1951-60 Gibson L-48 hangtag with original price ticket. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1954 Gibson L-50

1954 Gibson L-50 Our Price: $1,795 Stock# 44906 - Serial # FON X9241 Probably the nicest post-1940s L-50 Gryphon has had in ages. Everything is original (except the case), and while it has typical lacquer checking and some light rust on the Kluson tuners and pickguard support arm, it has an appealing patina overall and the fact that it's never been worked on or damaged in any way is a...
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1939 Gibson L-5N

Making it's debut in 1922, the Gibson L-5 was created by the legendary Lloyd Loar, father of the renowned F-5 mandolin. The L-5 is perhaps his most influential creation, and is widely regarded as the first successful commercially produced archtop guitar. Now in its eighth decade, it remains the most famous jazz guitar of all time. 1939 was a pivotal year for the L-5. It was the first year...
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