1973 Gretsch Deluxe Chet 7680

Here's a fairly rare guitar - a Baldwin era Gretsch Deluxe Chet Model 7680 archtop electric guitar in Autumn Red finish. In walnut finish, this was the 7681. The Gretsch Deluxe Chet was built between 1972 and 1974 as a simplified version of the Super Chet. The Gretsch Deluxe Chet is a fully hollow archtop with longitudinal tone bars and a wide post under the bridge. The top features bound...
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1977 Gretsch Super Axe 7680

Gretsch called this color “Red Rosewood “ but it looks more like orange to me. This guitar is in nice shape with just a few nicks and dings plus normal checking. Some belt buckle rash, not too bad. The frets and board are in great shape and the electronics including Phasor and Compressor are fully functional. Three of the knob tops are gone and the lower edge of the control plate has chipped off....
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Other (Miscellanous Used/Vintage/Consign) 6120

Gretsch Chet Atkins Nashville Model 6120 - 1969 #69332 -UsedDescription:A great sounding piece of the past with character to boot!What we think:This is a very charming relic from a bygone era. It plays and sounds lovely and has a huge range of tonal color to offer within its pickup configuration. I was able to dial in tones that were appropriate for jazz, country, and really any style a killer...
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~1967 Norma EG670-2HT

This is a vintage 1960s Norma EG670-2HT semi-hollow electric. Japanese made, and distributed by USA's Strum And Drum company, the Norma guitar "line" was always cool and eccentric. This particular model is striking in both sight and sound. It plays really easily and sounds awesome both plugged and unplugged - It's actually pretty loud acoustically. Complete with a rolling bridge and pseudo Bigsby...
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