1968 Gretsch Rally 6104

This one has been played, but it’s in original condition. There’s a glob of glue on the back of the neck from someone gluing back part of the neck binding and not being very neat. There’s finish wear on the back of the neck and there’s fret and fingerboard wear. There’s rust and pitting on some of the metal parts and some of the paint has flaked off of the body. Two of the pickup pole pieces have...
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1968 Kustom K200A

Like only the very best guitars, this vintage Kustom K200 really lived and had lots of miles put on it. The previous owner restored it, having it professionally refinished in this cool teal blue/green and had new pickguard made up. The sound is as good as it gets thanks to the real deal Dynasonic pickups so it's got some jangle and bite like you find in a vintage Gretsch. The Bigsby vibrato adds...
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1959 Gretsch 6125 Anniversary

Late 50�s Gretsch Anniversaries have been sleepers on the vintage market in my opinion. They offer the same trestle braced construction as the much, much more expensive late 50s 6120s. I also think the 2 tone smoke green is one of the coolest colors out there. You can find the much more common Hi-Lo-Tron equipped 60s models any day of the week but cool late 50s Filtertron and trestle braced...
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