~1962 Kay Value Leader K9561

Here we have a cool little early sixties short scale bass from the prolific Chicago builder. The K5961 was Kay’s bass offering in a line that included multi-pick up guitar variations and a six string bass, which, in 1960, must have been one of the first to the market. She has a Maple laminate body, a steel reinforced Maple neck and a Maple fret board with brass frets and faux tortoise shell dots....
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~1962 Kay Model K#1963 Value Leader

Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting... An excellent Vintage 1962 Kay Value Leader Model #1962 Double Pickup guitar in Sunburst. What a cool guitar. I grab these whenever I can. I have sold about a dozen over the last 15 years. I don't see that many of them but I also have listed a #1961 Single Pickup Model. Two Leaders for sale here in my humble shop. These are great guitars. Fat tone from...
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Beatles Gear - All the Fab Four's Instruments from Stage to Studio

Get your personally autographed deluxe hardcover edition of Beatles Gear by Andy Babiuk from Fab Gear with FREE two day Priority Mail shipping anywhere in the US for only $40! This book is the first to tell the full story of how the Beatles made their music. It details exactly which guitars, drums, amplifiers and keyboards the Beatles used at the key points of their relatively brief but...
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Audient ASP800

Audient ASP800 8-Channel Preamp with IRON and HMXDescription:The ASP800 is an incredibly powerful 8-channel interface with MOSFET and Transformer drives on two "Retro" channels!Manufacturer Description:8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier and ADC with HMX & IRON ASP800 is an audio powerhouse designed to transform your sessions into world class recordings, making it the perfect addition to...
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Audient iD14

Audient iD 14 Recording InterfaceDescription:The iD14 has incredible versatility for in-the-studio or on-the-road recording, with DAW control, plug-in parameter control, and the iD14 mixer app!Manufacturer Description:High Performance USB Audio Interface   iD14 delivers the audio performance of a large format console in a compact and elegant desktop package. iD14 provides a pair of...
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