Long Hollow Leather Padded Softy Strap

71050 Softy: Deluxe, padded softy strap. Colors available are Nubuck or Brown. Bottom strap in above picture. Our Price is $49.
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1968 Vox Constellation IV V274

Retrofret Stock # 6325. Vox Constellation IV V274 Model Electric Bass Guitar (1968), made in Recanati, Italy, serial # 358626, cherry polyester finish, laminated maple body, laminated maple neck with ebony fingerboard, original black tolex hard shell case. The Vox Constellation IV was a direct descendant of the 1966 Vox Wyman bass, with the same teardrop-shaped hollow body and very narrow neck....
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1965 Fender® Mustang® Vintage Electric Guitar 100% Original w/ ohsc

Up for sale, a 1965 Fender Mustang in 100% original condition, sporting an Olympic White finish and tortoise pickguard! This well loved vintage guitar has a prominent acoustic voice that translates well through the stock pickups with great jangle and clarity. Since the pickups are essentially flat pole Stratocaster pickups with covers over the magnets, the tones are surprisingly similar, although...
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1958 Harmony H49 Stratotone Jupiter Vintage Guitar DeArmond™ Gold Foils

Up for sale, a 1958 Harmony H49 Stratotone in 99.9% original condition with a pair of DeArmond gold foil pickups! This rare first year model is the earliest H49 Stratotone we've ever had in the shop here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, and has a couple of small deviations from subsequent model years, including an early bold headstock logo, metal brackets on the pots in the electronics cavity, and a...
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A Designs Audio EM-EQ2

A Designs EM-EQ2, Stereo EQDescription:Pultec Style Dual mono/stereo EQ great for tracking, mixing and buss workWhat we think:When I first used the A-Designs EM-EQ2 I was magically transported back 20-25 years to when I used to work at a New York City studio called “Power Station” [which later became “Avatar Studios”, and is still one of the jewels of New York City...
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