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1976 Marshall JMP MKII 50 Watt Lead Combo Model 2187

We classic rockers are all intimately tied to the massive tone that exploded onto the 60's rock scene courtesy of Marshall Amplification. Super Lead heads married to matching cabinets loaded with speaker quads, teamed to deliver 100 watt walls of sound defined that era of classic rock & roll. But many are not aware that Marshall also made more portable combo versions of the 1987 lead circuit,...
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~1978 Marshall 50 watt JMP master lead & A cab

Roadworn but killer fawn halfstack. Personal amp, had it a long time, Original trannies, sockets, etc. Recently capped and serviced by Jon Davidson Amp Repair in Nashville TN. This ol' dog has howled a lotta nights and is ready for a lot more. Tolex and cloth are original. Has 2 original 75 hrz 16 ohm 25 watt blackbacks in the bottom, and two same year 55 Hyz 16 ohm 30 watt blackbacks in the top....
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Top Hat TH E50

50 Watts EL34's The Emplexador E-50 & E-100 feature a traditional hi/lo input with selectable voicing between "Vintage" and "Modern". The first mode, labeled "Vintage", is based on a 1968 "Plexi" with a few twists thrown in for added versatility! We've added the ability to engage/disengage the "Bright Boost" bypass cap of a Classic '72 era amp as well as a switch to provide the fatter front...
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2014 Bogner HELIOS 100 Watt Head

Bogner Helios 100 Head Handwired Tube Guitar Amplifier! Switchable between 100 / 30 watts 2 Foot-switchable Channels and Effects Loop 40 years of iconic and modified Marshall tones in one box! The Bogner Helios is a new tube guitar amplifier and the perfect way to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Bogner Amplification! The Helios 100 head is truly a sonic time machine- created by Reinhold Bogner...
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1997 Marshall 35th Anniversary Plexi 1987

In 1997 the Marshall company decided to release a limited run of 250 of the very best vintage style amps. This was a model 1987 paired with a 1960ax 4x12 cab housing Celestine g12t75 greenbacks of which only 500 were produced. The amp is shroud in beautiful white tolex and gold piping. The cab has a 100 logo (one zero is missing on this one) and the amp says limited edition 1997. This is a knock...
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Demeter TGA 2 INVERTER Head and 212 Cab

Here is a rare Demeter TGA2 Inverter head and 212 cab. Very similar to the legendary TGA3, this 2 channel amp goes from pristine Fender clean the modded Marshall heaven. This 50watt EL34 powered amp is plenty loud for gigs and great for recording. Features a tube effects loop, pentode/triode switch, a clean channel with a bright switch and a crunch/lead channel with a gain boost. The 212 cab...
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2014 Marshall AS50D ACOUSTIC AMP

50 Watt Acoustic Soloist combo, 2X8'' speakers with piezo tweeter, specially voiced for acoustic instruments, two channels, with digital reverb, chorus, effects loop, notch filter, separate EQ for each channel, RCA input jacks, phase switch, phantom powered microphone channel, line outs and master volume. Item ID AS50D. 6 photos at
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~2013 Marshall AS50R Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The Marshall AS50R Acoustic Amp is a 50W dedicated acoustic combo featuring 2 channels, each with its own volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs gives it the flexibility to accommodate any acoustic instrument and a microphone. A pair of phono inputs on channel 2 allows the use of backing tracks. It features built-in chorus assignable to either or both channels, plus reverb and an effects...
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1984 Marshall 2555 JCM 100/50

Rare Black Tolex Silver Jubilee head. 100 watt switchable to 50 watts. Amp is in great working order and very well maintained. Amp was owned and used by Frank Sidoris of Slash's new band. It's a great sounding amp!
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Marshall JCM1H 50th Anniversary 1 Watt

The Marshall JCM1 50th Anniversary 1 Watt amplifier. Only 150 units made period. Very Limited. The JCM being the hottest model of them all. Instantly collectable and a very big part of their 50th Anniversary. This Limited Edition 1w tube amp based on Marshall's sought after JCM800, considered by many guitarists to be the best amp ever made! And so is the JCM1! With 2 x ECC83 preamp valves and 1...
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~1993 Marshall JCM 900 2500

Fairly clean and absolutely fantastic sounding 1990s Marshall JCM 900 model 2500 50 watt high gain dual channel head. This particular example is currently set up with KT88s and sounds incredible. Functions flawlessly and sounds huge! This is the desirable non reverb model and nails everything from classic Marshall tones to monstrous high gain tones. Cool amp!! Year: 1990s. Model: JCM 900...
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1988 Marshall 2550 25-50 watt switchable

Here is an ass kicking amp that is the same as its Silver Jubilee cousin. Switchable power and loads and I mean loads of tone.
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1990 Marshall JCM 900 mod. 2502 MK III 50 watt Hi Gain Master Volume 2 X 12 combo

This amp has been recently serviced and sounds great. It’s in average used condition, but is missing the upper back panel, and one of the plastic feet. There is no footswitch.
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1976 Marshall 50 watt lead model MK II1987

Marshall 50 watt lead MK II model 1987 amp head. Big box small chassis from Marshall. Checked by our tech and in working order.Utilizing Three 12ax7 tubes and 2 6550 tubes . Plexi panel untill 69 then the gold aluminum panel,4 input ,2 channel ,2 throw switch version seen here ( NOT plastic rocker switches). Clean and well kept .No tubes come with amp. No mods with exception to replaced cord end...
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Marshall JVM 1H 50th Anniversary Head

Marshall M-JVM-1H - 50th Anniversary Head After 50 years of the manufacturing the greatest amplifiers, Marshall is releasing the JVM-1H as part of a series of 50th anniversary amps to be built in limited editions throughout the year. The all-tube Marshall JVM-1H Head brings 1 watt of classic 2000s Marshall sound to your studio or living room. Voiced by 3 ECC83 pre-amp tubes for authentic tone,...
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Marshall NEW DSL40C

NEW Marshall DSL40C 40 watt all tube combo for electric guitar. Something new out of the DSL, a real clean first channel. You'll be blown away as to the first Marshall amp that delivers clean tone. Grooling distortion to sparkling clean Marshall tone, all in one 40 watt combo. The first channel is the clean channel, you'll also be able to adjust a gain to your clean setting to get classic rock...
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Sovtek Mig 50

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2012 Bogner 2x12 Goldfinger Openback cabinet

Bogner Amps Goldfinger 2x12 Open Back Cabine 212OGF open back Great sounding Guitar Speaker Cabinet! 2x 12” Celestion Greenback and G12H30 Speakers The Bogner 2x12 Goldfinger Open Back guitar speaker cabinet is perhaps the most resonant 2x12 cabinet in the Bogner lineup. The wide open back projects sound all around the room like a fresh breeze of tone. If you are looking a great 2x...
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2014 Friedman Amplification BE-100 Brown Eye

Friedman Amps BE-100 Head Full Clean Channel Brown Eye / Hairy Brown Eye gain stages 100 watts of hot-modded Marshall tone The Friedman Amps Brown Eye (formerly known as the Marsha) is THE ultimate modded Marshall style 50/100 watt tube guitar amplifier head. Legendary amp guru David Friedman (Rack Systems Ltd.) created this fine piece of sonic machinery around the EL34 based Marshall Plexi...
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Marshall 3560 25/50 Jubilee Bass Series


Bass Northwest

1-866-624-1722 (Toll Free: U.S. & Canada) or 1-206-622-2277
Marshall 3560 25/50 Jubilee Bass Series Amp Head w/S.S. Preamp, 600 Watts Biamp Ready & Rack Case - $399.00
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2014 Marshall MS-2R Red Micro Stack

The Marshall MS-2R Red Micro Amp Stack is a diminutive one-watt rocker with a non-traditional red covering for a standout appearance and big, unsuspecting tone. Featuring channel-switching, single input, and a headphone jack that doubles as a preamp out, you can connect it to a much larger speaker and still be on the go - it even has a belt clip, so you can be fully mobile. A big-sounding amp in...
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2014 Marshall MS-2C Classic Micro Stack

The Marshall MS-2C Classic Micro Amp Stack is a mini one-watt rocker with a classic gray covering for a classic appearance and relatively big tone. Featuring channel-switching, single input, and a headphone jack that doubles as a preamp out, you can connect it to a much larger speaker and still be on the go - it even has a belt clip, so you can be fully mobile. A big-sounding amp in a tiny, cool...
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Marshall 2012 Marshall JCM1C 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Combo Amp Amplifier Black

This pre-owned Marshall packs a lot of punch into a little package! This JCM features a 12AU7 power tube putting out either 1 watt or 0.1 watts via a power selector switch. The low power rating allows for amazing saturation and heavy tones at levels a recording engineer, your roommates, and even your neighbors will love.
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Forte 1 x 12 3D Cabinet

The Forte 3D speaker cabinet design has vents on both sides of the cabinet, and a closed back. The vents are not tuned, as in a bass reflex enclosure. Sound emanates from the sides of the cabinet much as it would from the rear of an open back cabinet while providing better dispersion and consistent tone from venue to venue. The result is a speaker cabinet that works well with a wide variety of...
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65amps Whiskey 50 Watt Tube

Brand new 65amps Whiskey 50-watt head. This amp is a one-of-a-kind combination of rich, shimmering cleans, HUGE headroom, and that iconic, hot-rodded British drive. The Whiskey is based on a Marhsall platform, expanding on the familiar gain structures of your favorite Plexi amp and infused with the innovative design and sound that Dave Friedman is known for. Versatile, yet straightforward; just...
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Ace Pepper Custom Amps Topfuel 50

The Topfuel 50 is ace Peppers idea of the perfect modded Plexi style amp. Ace has been designing, building, and repairing amps in San Marcos Texas for quite a while and has come up with this model as this idea of the perfect 50 watt marshal style head. Ace has redesigned his amazing sounding master volume circuit yet again to make an extremely natural and musical master that even sounds good at...
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A very nice clean example of a '69 plexi 50w produced by Marshall under the Park name. If you ever wanted a great JMP50 you could just plug in WITHOUT needing a variac and play anywhere, this IS it! The new Merren output transformer is wound to balance voltages to produce proper power without that need for more heavy variac cartage. An odd yet totally original component to this amp is the...
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65amps Whiskey 50 Watt Tube Combo

The Whiskey 50 Watt Combo has all of the same characteristics as the head, but in a small, highly portable package. This amp is a one-of-a-kind combination of rich, shimmering cleans, HUGE headroom, and that iconic, hot-rodded British drive. The Whiskey is based on a Marhsall platform, expanding on the familiar gain structures of your favorite Plexi amp and infused with the innovative design and...
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