1938 National Rare "piano finish" Duolian

#B2821 so it must be a little later than the cleaner one. This has seen heavy action but it is a brawler of a resonator, with even louder tone than the cleaner one. I think the action on the straight neck is perfect but if you want it as low as a regular acoustic there is plenty of room to shave the biscuit (original) Large area of back where paint is gone from constant wear against the body. No...
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1936 National Rare "piano finish" Duolian

#B2291 Super clean and also super Rare "piano finish" Duolian from the late thirties that has the mojo. A metal can that roars and still has that beautiful sustain, reverberation and sizzle of a classic vibrato. A joy to play either of these, but this one is cleaner, both sides show little wear and surprise no sign of pick guard wear.
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