2014 PRS Floyd Custom 24

Player's Perspective For our most recent limited run of customized PRS guitars, we decided to improvise a bit on PRS's new "Floyd" Custom 24 idea. We went with unique tonewood choices, spiced up the inlays, changed the pickups, and dressed everything up with gorgeous cuts of flame maple and cool finishes. This guitar is unlike any other Custom 24 you'll see. Everything that's kept it in the...
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Collings Guitars CJ35

Collings CJ35 Slope Shoulder Dreadnought Acoustic 24046Description:Extremely powerful, Extremely defined. Every note's in its own postal code!What we think:I was staying late this past Wednesday finishing up some e-mails when my co-worker Corey called and asked me a question about the specs on the "new CJ35". We let them sit for a day before opening them up in the winter, so although I'd...
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Used, Vintage, Trade Ins, Etc... Golden Eagle Custom

Heritage 2012 Golden Eagle Custom Lefty Archtop Guitar- UsedDescription:Exquisite pre-owned custom golden eagle LEFTY from Heritage! What we think:This is a wonderful instrument. Big, dynamic acoustic tone with the feed-back resistance of a set seth lover pickup. Couple that with block inlays and amber tone and volume knobs on the body and you've got some classy custom features. This is a...
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Martinsound MSS-10

Martech MSS 10 Mic PreDescription:Single Channel Mic PreManufacturer Description:The Natural Sound Mic Preamp - Movers and shakers of professional audio dream about finding that rare piece of equipment that will keep them on the cutting edge. A career building tool that effortlessly produces awesome sound. The Martech MSS-10 quickly established itself as the mic preamp of choice for many of the...
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2014 FGN Guitars Expert FL

FGN Guitars Expert EFL-FM Sunburst Fujigen solidbody electric guitar! Highest quality construction! Incredible tone and playability! Fujigen has long been considered one of the premier manufacturers of electric guitars. They are best known (or perhaps unknown) as the builders of the finest guitars by many of the world’s most well-known brands including Fender, Gibson / Epiphone and Ibanez....
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