Reverend Club King 290 **Free Shipping**

hard case available separately. ships FREE within domestic US, contact us to place an order! From Reverend Guitars; This blues/rock bad boy delivers the acoustic overtones of a full size semi-hollow, but with extra clarity and spank courtesy of the 25.5″ scale maple neck. P-90′s add just the right amount of raw edge to the rich and woody tones. Solid wood construction is featured...
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Reverend Stu D Baker Signature

Reverend teamed up with Stuart Daniel Baker, the man behind Unknown Hinson’s character, to bring you this alter-ego signature guitar. They started with their Club King body, slimmed it down to 1-1/2″ thick, reduced the body shape about 10 percent, added a full length center block, and 24-3/4″ scale neck. The result is a thicker and more aggressive tone with increased clarity, for a versatile...
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