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1967 Rickenbacker 365

This 1967 six string Rickenbacker 365 with a maple body is finished in a stunning red sunburst finish. It appears to be all original except the bridge cover which is a new Rickenbacker cover. The 6 digit serial number GG34 _ _ engraved on the jackplate cover indicates the guitar was built in July of 1967. The semi hollow double cutaway body has rounded top edges, checkerboard back binding, and...
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1967 Rickenbacker 360-12

Stunning Mapleglo Rickenbacker 360/12 with Crushed Glass Sharktooth Inlays, Tiered Pickguard, Slash F-hole and Rounded Body Edge. Classic Rickenbacker 360/12 - 12 String Sound! EXC+ w/OHSC $4995
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1966 Rickenbacker 365 Double bound (#RIE0358)

1966 Rickenbacker 365 Double bound, Fireglo, Rare model, Highly flamed Maple back, Two Toaster pickups, Crushed Sparkle inlays, Vibrato, Gorgeous example! EC, OHSC, $11,900
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1967 Rickenbacker 325 (#RIE0356)

1967 Rickenbacker 325, Jetglo, Very Rare model, Like John Lennon’s, Three toaster pickups, Vibrato, Lightweight, Great neck angle with low action, Gorgeous example, EC+, OHSC, $14,900
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1967 Rickenbacker 345 Export Model


Rudys Music

Times Square (212) 391-1699 | SoHo (212) 625 2557
Vintage Rickenbacker 1967 345 Export Model GD1793
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1967 Rickenbacker 366/12 Convertible

The 366/12, introduced in 1966 and discontinued in 1974 is a very rare Byrd! A very limited number of these guitars were made with the "comb" which makes this Rickenbacker 366/12 very unique and collectible. The 366/12 is a twelve string version of the model 360 but with a "comb converter". The main differences between it and a regular 360/12 are the chrome converter comb and the extra pickguard...
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1960 Rickenbacker 365 Capri

This Rickenbacker 365 Capri was made in the USA in 1960. It is a rare guitar in very nice shape. It sounds incredible. It is all original except for the tremolo bar. It comes with the original case.
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1966 Rickenbacker 365 O.S.

This Rickenbacker 365 O.S. was made in the USA in 1966. It is original except that it has been refretted and refinished blue. It looks great and sounds great, and has been pro-setup and needs nothing. It comes with the original case.
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1967 Rickenbacker 375 (#RIE0344)

1967 Rickenbacker 375, Mapleglo, Three toaster pickups, Bound back, Crushed sparkle inlays, Vibrato, Gorgeous instrument, EC, OHSC, $4,995
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1965 Rickenbacker 365 (two pickups with vibrato)

A Fine and Original 1965 Rickenbacker 365. 1965 Rickenbacker 365 (two pickups with vibrato). This 15-inch-wide, 1 5/8 deep full-sized thin-body guitar weighs just 7.50 lbs. and features offset cutaways with rounded horns providing a "sweeping crescent" profile across both. Maple body with a bound "cat's-eye" or slash soundhole and checker-board binding on the back. Three-piece...
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1967 Rickenbacker 360/12 12 String

A rare all original example, beautiful Mapleglo finish, 2 great sounding Toaster pickups, crushed triangle pearl inlaid fingerboard, nice checkerboard back binding & trim, perfect neck set, great player !, exc++; ohsc.
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1967 Rickenbacker 360-12 (#RIE0327)

1967 Rickenbacker 360/12, Fireglo finish, Two original toaster pickups, Rosewood fingerboard with crushed pearl inlays, Cat eye sound hole, Fine sounding & Stunning instrument, EC, OHSC, $5,595
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1968 Rickenbacker 360/12 O.S.

This is a very cool Rickenbacker 12 string, made in the USA in 1968. This guitar started out life as a 365 OS 6 string and was professionally converted to be a 12 string. Old Style 360/12's are a Beatles guitar and impossible to find, especially in fireglo, and if you do they are not cheap. This guitar has mostly original parts and it is not easy to tell that its been converted. What is more...
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1960 Rickenbacker 360F

Boy do we love Rick’s from the 50’s but this one has to be the rarest one !, its got the coolest vibe from any period Rick produced, its Prototype like features are finished in this beautiful faded factory “Fireglo” Sunburst finish & is absolutely stunning, one of the earliest examples to come out of the factory, its maple construction is super grainey & figured especially its 3 piece “quilted”...
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1966 Rickenbacker 360/12

there are few guitars that own a category, the Ric 12 is one, this example plays like butter, great guitar in the right color, in the best condition, beautiful wood, investment grade guitar from the golden era, the case is filled with some candy as well.
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1965 Rickenbacker 360

This Rickenbacker model 360 was made in the USA in 1965. It has been modified with humbuckers. While this is unfortunate in some ways, it so happens that the modification makes this particular guitar sound unique and very pleasing. The guitar plays and feels like a Ric, but in many ways sounds much more like a Gibson. Aside from the Humbucker mod, this guitar is in nice shape. It has the...
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1965 Rickenbacker 360-12 Double Bound (#RIE0357)

1965 Rickenbacker 360-12, Extremely Rare Double Bound Model, One of Six ever made, Similar to George Harrison’s, Maple Glow finish, Crushed Sparkle inlays, Two Toaster Pickups, “R” Tailpiece, Beautiful instrument, EC, OHSC, $29,900
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1969 Rickenbacker 345S

Ultra rare in its factory applied Autumnglo finish far darker than its normal production Fireglo finish, 3 powerful “Toaster” pickups makes one remember Pete Townsend’s tone during the mid-60’s “Who” period, its “Ac’cent” Vibrato unit keeps that smooth feel, pots date to the 46th week of 1965, its serial # IE dates it to May 1969, equipped with its original double White pickgards & chrome topped...
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1997 Rickenbacker 360

EC, mapleglo finish, modern (post '64) body style with binding on back, bound catseye soundhole, rosewood fretboard, triangle inlays, 24 frets, 2 modern Rick pickups, stereo, white 2 tier pickguard, R tailpiece, Jinho tuners installed, 1-5/8'' nut, 24-3/4'' scale, with thermoplastic OHSC, on consignment (SN:T0 6081) Item ID 40U-5728. 14 photos at
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1968 Rickenbacker 360 (#RIE0343)

1968 Rickenbacker 360, Hard to find double bound body, Maple glo finish, Two Toaster pickups, Crushed Sparkle inlays, “R” Tailpiece, Low action, Gorgeous example, EC, OHSC, $12,900
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1968 Rickenbacker 360 (#RIE0341)

1968 Rickenbacker 360, Mapleglo finish, Crushed Sparkle inlays, Two toaster pickups, Great neck angle and low action, Beautiful guitar! EC, OHSC, $5,595
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1968 Rickenbacker 366/12 FG

Vintage – 1968 Rickenbacker 366/12 conversion model. This unique Rick twelve string version of model 360/12 came stock with a special convertible “comb” device to disengage the extra octave 6 strings and turn a 12-string into a 6-string. The device was first introduced by Rickenbacker in 1966 and later discontinued in 1974. All factory stock and plays great with low action! Comes with original...
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1966 Rickenbacker 360-12

Fireglo Finish, Dual Toaster Pickups, Catseye soundhole, Crushed Pearl Fretboard, checkerboard back binding, Kluson tuners, Flamed maple back & neck, and 6601 dated pots with untouched solder. A very playable Rickenbacker 12 string with a good neck set, low 12 string action and a comfortable rounded neck profile. Overall a very clean vintage guitar with just some minor play wear and that...
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1966 Rickenbacker 345

Here is a pretty rare Rickebacker 345. This one is in pretty good condition, with great figuring in the wood. This Ric has the absolute best neck angle of any Ric I ever had. There are some strange markings on the lower horn that do not go through the finish, so you only notice them when you view the guitar at a certain angle. This has all the classic vintage Ric mojo, tone and playability. ...
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1966 Rickenbacker 375

Here’s a cool and rare one. I believe that the 375 with it's 3 pickups and Ac'cent vibrato is the rarest of the 330 or 360 series made during this time. Since I don’t often have the good fortune of being able to see, or much less, acquire many high end 60’s Ricks, I’m not an expert. Although books are great, the best way to get to know guitars is by owning them. I have had many 70’s Ricks and...
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1966 Rickenbacker 375 (three pickups with vibrato)

A Fine and Original 1966 Rickenbacker 375. This forty-eight year old thinline maple bodied guitar with rounded horns weighs just 7.30 lbs. Beautiful Fireglo finish with a single "cat's-eye" soundhole. Three-piece maple and walnut neck with a scale length of 24 3/4 inches and a nut width of just under 1 5/8 inches and a nice medium profile. Rosewood fretboard with 21 original frets and...
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1968 Rickenbacker 360-12

Museum quality, like new, doublecut semi hollowbody, as used by Bryds, 2 toaster pu,s., checkerboard binding, crushed triangular inlays, Kluson tuners, Ric-O-Sound and mono, 2 tier white guards, plays great, Extremely Collectable
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