1963 Silvertone 1446

This is a one owner guitar that we are happy to offer. Black Finish, Bigsby Tremolo, Dual pickups made by Gibson that give the 1446 its charm, and larger neck profile. S-63 F-hole stamp correlating to a 1963 production date. This guitar plays easy and sounds superb. We have done a fret dressing and setup so this one is ready to go. Included is the original soft case, guitar cover, strap, and...
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1965 Silvertone 1446

1965 Silvertone 1446, as made famous by Chris Isaak, later model with uniquely pointed pickup rings loaded with Gibson made mini-humbuckers, factory Bigsby tailpiece, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, plenty of honest playwear but structurally sound and great playing guitar, includes the original case. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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Silvertone 1964 Silvertone 1446 Hollowbody Electric Guitar Black

The sounds of the '60s owe a huge debt to Silvertone guitars. This 1446 model survived the last 50 years and ended up here at the Zoo! Often called the "Chris Isaak" model, the 1446 features a fully-hollow construction with a cutaway. The dual mini-humbuckers provide a wide range of tones, from silky jazz sounds from the neck pickup to piercing rockabilly leads from the bridge pickup. The Bigsby...
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~1967 Silvertone 1446 Chris Isaak


Mikes Music

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Circa 1964-1967 Silvertone Model 1446 hollow body electric guitar - the guitar that has unofficially become known as THE CHRIS ISAAK MODEL - in overall excellent condition, with its original red fuzz lined softshell case. These 1446 guitars have become very very popular in recent years, and for very good reason. Featuring twin Gibson-made mini humbucking pickups, this 1446 offers up some...
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1965 Silvertone H 1446

Black with white highlights, crazy cool pickup surrounds, mini hum-canceling pickups, factory Bigsby, Brazilian fretboard, lots of fret wear, average playing wear on top and back, mother of pearl block inlays. It’s the Chris Isaak model, comes with a non-original hard case. $1750 Go to for more photos.
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1962 Silvertone 1446 Chris Isaak Harmony Vintage Guitar Gibson Seth Lover

Up for sale, a 1962 Silvertone "Chris Isaak" Model 1446 in excellent condition and in good working order. Manufactured by Harmony and featuring a stock pair of Seth Lover designed (and Gibson manufactured) split coil mini humbuckers, this is an incredibly cool guitar with quality electronics and hardware! The fullness and midrange focus of these pickups is fantastic, with more open, shimmering...
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~1964 Silvertone Model 1446 Chris Isaaks

Vintage original circa 1964 Silvertone Model 1446 Chris Isaaks plays and sounds incredible. Vintage original Gibson humbucker Firebird pickups are warm and punchy and full of tone. Guitar is clean and plays remarkably well. All original with the exception of the tailpiece and one knob. Comes with a nice hard case.
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~1960 Silvertone Model 1446L - #201113

General Description: Here is the original description of the Silvertone Model 1446L as it appeared in the 1966 Sears catalog courtesy of "Maple from Canada and Wisconsin for the tops and backs for Sears Hollow-body Electrics..produces a special, mellow resonance on low tones Yet, thanks to this maple, you still get all the brilliant highs electrics are famous...
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1962 Kay Silvertone Model 1445L

Retrofret Stock # 5953. Silvertone Model 1445L Model Thinline Hollow Body Electric Guitar, made by Kay, c. 1962, made in Chicago, natural top, dark back and sides finish, laminated maple body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, black hard shell case. The Model 1445 was the Sears iteration of Kay's "Speed Demon", part of the company's new concepts for their 1960's line. With an arched...
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1962 Silvertone 1448

1962 Sears Silvertone Model 1448. 23.5 scale length. 3/4 size guitar. Rosewood fingerboard. 1 Lipstick pickup. Pots date to 1962. Changed tuners and knobs. Pro neck repair.
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~1960 Danelectro/Silvertone 1448

1960's Silvertone/Danelectro 1448! Excellent original condition black sparkle paint! Be the envy of the other neighborhood kids! includes gig bag.
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1963 Silvertone 1449 Amp In Case

1963/1964 Silvertone 1449 with amp in case. 24.5 scale length. 3/4 size guitar. Rosewood fingerboard. 16" radius. 2 Lipstick pickups. Added string tree. Upgraded sealed Grover tuners. Upgraded intonatable bridge. Comes with amp in case.
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~1964 Silvertone 1448 Amp-In-Case

'60s Silvertone 1448 electric with original, though non-functioning amp-in-case. Black sparkle finish, very cool! Getting harder to find these Chicago classics! Additional photos available on our website:
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1964 Silvertone 1448 Amp In Case

Very nice example of a 1964 Silvertone 1448 Amp In Case model. Fabric "binding" and pick guard look new. Comes with original working amplifier case. Lightweight and great playing!
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1964 Silvertone 1448 Amp in Case

One pickup Amp in case,Amp works but volume is very low
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~1964 Silvertone 1448 Amp In Case

Got two of these, and one is actually strung up lefty already. Buy them both and invite your lefty friend over for a jam. Both set up to play, and both amps work!
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1966 Danelectro Silvertone Model 1448

Retrofret Stock # 6600. Silvertone Model 1448 Model Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar and Amplifier Set, made by Danelectro (1966), made in Neptune, NJ, black lacquer with sparkles finish, masonite and pine body, poplar neck with, original black hard shell case. This is the less expensive of two models of the classic Danelectro-made Silvertone 1960's "Amp-In-Case" guitar, sold through Sears and the...
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~1964 Silvertone Model 1448 Electric guitar

'60s, amp-in case model, black, 1 lipstick tube pickup, amp works but speaker is blown, vgc+
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~1963 Silvertone Model 1443 Extra Long Hornet

Vintage circa 1963 Silvertone Model 1443 Extra Long double pickup Hornet. Plays and sounds great. Original pickups are super warm and full of tone. Nice regular scale. A great bass. With original case.
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SILVERTONE / DANELECTRO 1960's Model # 1448 Amp-In-Case

1960's Silvertone made by Danelectro Model #1448 Amp-In-Case. Guitar is short scale with single lipstick pickup.Amp freshly serviced with new filter caps and all N.O.S. Vintage Tubes.
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~1964 Silvertone Amp In Case Model 1448 Guitar

Vintage original circa 1964 Silvertone Model 1448 Silvertone Amp in Case Model 1448 guitar in original black sparkle finish. Plays and sounds killer. Original lipstick pickup is warm and punchy and full of tone. This is the guitar only, professionally set up and ready to rock!
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1969 Silvertone by Teisco 1445 Double Pickup MIJ

Today Lawman Guitars is Presenting… A 1969 Silvertone Model 1445 Mosrite inspired Double Pickup Guitar with an original Hardshell Case. This is one of the Teisco Made in Japan Models …It sounds outstanding and how about that body! The Japanese Manufacturers sure knew what we were looking for in guitars back in the 1960’s…… This model was made and sold by Sears Roebuck from 1968 to 1970....
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1964 Silvertone 1476L Silhouette

Black Finish, two great sounding Silver foil pickups, and Large Rounded neck profile. A cool affordable 60s USA made guitar. Overall a clean vintage guitar with a few small nicks and dings. Included is the original soft case. More pictures at
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1964 Silvertone 1448L (Amp in Case)

Ah, such a classic. Manufactured in Neptune New Jersey by the fine folks at Danelectro, this Silvertone branded instrument was marketed, and sold by the boat load, by Sears. Was one of these under a Christmas tree when you were a kid? You’re not alone. These instruments were constructed from Pine and Masonite with pick-ups housed in lipstick tubes, an aluminum nut and a sort of adjustable bridge....
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1967 Danelectro Silvertone Model 1443

Retrofret Stock # 5597. Silvertone Model 1443 Model Solid Body Electric Bass Guitar, made by Danelectro (1967), made in Neptune, NJ, serial # 185 14439, sunburst lacquer finish, hardwood body, poplar neck with rosewood fingerboard. This Silvertone model 1443 and its more upscale sister the Coral Deluxe were the Danelectro company's only long-scale bass designs; available only from 1967-8 both...
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