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1962 National Lap Steel

It’s that time again, National Lap Steel Time! A classic, classic version, with the cool cool pickup. Sounds just like you remembered, perfect. Perfect working condition too, all gone over right here on our own shop. Tuners lubed, pots cleaned, pickup adjusted; what more could you ask? All original, including case, ready to go. $695 w/ossc
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2015 National NRP-B Deluxe

Black Rust on steel body, every guitar has a one of a kind finish, factory fitted Lollar Charlie Christian pickup, slotted headstock, rolled f holes, 14 frets to the body, unbound ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, 1.825" at nut, single 9.5" hand spun resonator, maple biscuit bridge, what a great sounding and looking new National, comes with a new hard case. $Call For Price. Go to...
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1968 National N710 Western Dreadnought

Today, Lawman Guitars is Presenting... An awesome extremely RARE 1968 National N710 Western Model Flat Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar with original Softshell Case.... We are able to date this guitar to 1968 from the National Foil Serial Number label still attached to the back of the headstock. See pics.. This guitar is awesome. Great looking and sounding but the frets were shot when we...
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1967 National N644 Lexington

1967 National N644 Lexington 1967 National N644 Lexington! Jazzmaster stye National w/ three pickups and vibrato. Refret & new nut otherwise original. Wide “C” shape neck w/ a 1 3/4″ nut width. 24 2/4″ scale length and weighs 9 lbs 13 oz. Rare model with a very practical design!
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1928 National Triolean

From the private stash! Super clean, and the serial number is the last National guitar made in 1928!! Untouched, time-capsule... Check out the fretboard! And in its original case. Not cheap, but the nicest one we've ever had.
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1934 National Style O

From the private stash! Super clean, crows feet, plays great, great action, needs nothing... And in its original case. Not cheap, but the nicest one we've ever had. ON HOLD!
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1932 National Triolian

1932 National Triolian in excellent condition. Walnut sunburst finish on a steel body. Maple neck with ebonized fingerboard. 100% original with no issues. We reset the neck and straightened it for optimal playability. It has the original cone and biscuit and original saddle at original height. The finish on the body is in excellent shape with a just a few small chips. The finish on the...
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~2009 National Style N

SN: 18506. German Silver Style N constructed with the same material and style as the Style N's of the late 1920's. The body, coverplate, and tailpiece are highly polished and nickel plated. A traditional sunburst maple neck in matte finish is bound in ivoroid, with a wide 1 13/16ths” nut, solid headstock fitted with vintage-style engraved tuners and 14 frets clear of the body. Single cone. An...
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National Steel Tricone

The Brushed Steel Tricone features a marriage of classic simplicity and tasteful design. It’s a stunning guitar to behold, and is equally stunning to listen to. The instrument has a softer attack and mellower response that its single-cone brethren, and is rich with overtone and haunting echoes. A beguiling fingersytle instrument that can do it all, the steel bodied Tricone has just the right...
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1955 National 1224 Tremo-Tone

The National 1224 Tremo-Tone is a ~12 watt all tube tweed style amp featuring 2 6×9 speakers. The circuit can be compared with an early tweed Fender Vibrolux, if one existed. The 1224 Tremo-Tone features octal preamp tubes and tremolo driver. The cabinets are solid finger jointed pine. The tone is distinctly tweed with good thick breakup and touch sensitivity. The Tremolo is deep, maybe too deep....
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2011 National NRP

2011 Nation NRP Resophonic Woah!!! This is a bad to the bone White/Blue Nation resonator that sounds/looks/plays amazing! Has “THE” tone you’d dream of hearing from one of these. Affordable price for a lifetime instrument!
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1930 National Style 0

1930, 12 fret neck, steel body with nickel silver finish, palm tree motif, flat cut ƒ holes, perfect neck re-set, perfect action, best sounding one in the store
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1994 National Style W

A great, early National Resophonic tricone in the spirit of the Style 1. Brass body, lattice sound holes, non-adjustable truss rod. The engraving around the border on this hard to find model really looks sharp. Custom engraving like this today is quite expensive, and can add a year or more to your wait time. Here you go - no waiting required. Very good condition...just some patina to the plating....
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1995 National Style O

A nice early example from National Resophonic in San Luis Obispo. Brass body, nickel plated, and etched with a Hawaiian scene. Slotted headstock, full neck profile, bound fingerboard. Twelve fret neck joint. Non-adjustable truss rod. With original hardshell case. $2250 Go to for more photos.
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1964 National Val Pro 84

Vintage 1964 National Val Pro 84 Guitar in White T76441
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1964 National Newport 84

Vintage 1964 National Newport 84 Map Guitar in Seafoam Green, w/1 pickup and tremolo
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1964 National Glenwood 99

Vintage 1964 National Glenwood 99 Map Guitar in Seafoam Green, w/2 pickups / Piezo and Bigsby
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1928 National Style 3 Tricone

very early model , early engraving with flowers on the coverplate as well as all over the body, very nice original and very rare example
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1931 National Style 1 Tricone

1931 National resonator guitar, German brass body with nickel plating, early feature offset cone configuration, bound ebony fingerboard, huge volume and amazingly crisp tone, a great addition for the collector or player! [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1953 National Grand Console Doulbe Neck 8-String Steel Guitar

1953 National double neck 8-string steel guitar. It's all original with the exception of the tuning buttons which have been replaced with 2 brand new sets. It's 100% with the exception of the legs. Included, is the original hardshell case. It's in great shape with some minor nicks + dings, and other minor cosmetic wear. All electronics on the guitar work and sound great, but the original cable is...
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2015 National NRP Black Rust

New, 12-fret steel body resonator guitar, $2800 list price, ohsc...........$2240
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~1962 National Westwood 75

For your consideration is this amazing vintage National Westwood 75 ( Map Shaped ) electric guitar. It was made in 1963 and is in all original condition. It has a beautiful ,cherry to black sunburst finish and it is a solid Hardwood body. These are very collectible and were only made from 1962 to 1964. The neck is very straight and the action and intonation are perfect, The 2 ( one neck...
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National Californian

No pickguard, no logo, great vibe! Bridge has been soldered. Comes with chipboard case.
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1930 National Duolian

1930 National Duolian in excellent condition. The Duolian model was introduced in 1930 as a more economical model to the fancy plated and engraved guitars being produced in the late 20s. The appointments are simple and even the gauge of steel used for the bodies is a bit thinner than other models. The finish is a cool black grey "frosted duco". It has a nice round mahogany neck. The original...
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1927 National Style 2 1/2 Tricone Square Neck

Paul Simon's song "Graceland" begins with the line, "The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar," but the bright nickel plating of National guitars has seeped into popular culture (in a very small way at least)! Most people recognize National guitars from the cover of Dire Straits' "Brothers In Arms" record. I, of course think of Stevie Ray Vaughn and his effect on the musical...
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1930 National Triolian Tenor

1930 National Triolian Tenor Metal Bodied 4 String Tenor Resonator with Dark Warm Shaded Walnut Finish with the Unmistakable Tone of a Single Cone National. Designed to provide Guitar Players of the Big Band Era with enough Volume to be heard above an Orchestra this National Triolian Tenor can cut through in a variety of settings.
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Concert resonator uke with 7-1/16'' lower bout, 15'' scale, thin gauge steel body with distressed nickel plated ''steel'' finish for a vintage look, mahogany neck, 1-3/8'' nut width, ebony fretboard, dot inlays, plain peghead with block ''NATIONAL'' inscribed, 6'' resonator cone with sieve coverplate, wooden hardshell case. Item ID NCNRPU. 11 photos at...
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1937 National TRIOLIAN

Painted-on wood grain finish, pear-shaped metal body, sunburst finished neck, ivoroid-bound 18-fret rosewood fingerboard, dot inlays, 1-1/4'' nut width, ~15'' scale, original biscuit bridge and 9-1/2'' cone, matching wood grain painted sieve coverplate, nickel tailpiece, ''NATIONAL'' etched headstock overlay, 4-on-a-plate tuners with white plastic buttons, with shaped OHSC, EC- except needs work...
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VG-EC, the Style 4 was the top-of-the-line for National instruments of this period, 14-1/8'' German silver body, Chrysanthemum engraving pattern on top, sides, back and handstrap, lattice grill soundholes, triangular screened coverplate, square neck, bound ebony fretboard, diamond inlays (2 are new, installed by our shop), 19 frets, 3 new National cones (installed by our shop), T-bar bridge,...
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1930 National STYLE 1 TRICONE

VG-EC, German silver body, lattice grill soundholes, square metal neck, 2 plugged holes at end of bound ebony fretboard, dot inlays, 19 frets, 3 new cones (installed by our shop), T-bar bridge, triangular screened coverplate, original tailpiece has 2 holes drilled on base (not sure why), slotted headstock features National logo shield decal, 3-on-a-plate tuners, great sound, new 2-1/16'' nut,...
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