~1950 Bacon & Day Senorita

This B&D Senorita 5 string banjo is most likely a post WWII model built at the Gretsch factory in New York during the late 1940s or early 1950s. It has a three digit serial number, 181, engraved on the wooden dowel, but not on the rim which suggests it was probably not made by B&D in Groton, CT but sometime after B&D sold to Grestch in 1940 when they purchased the trade name, design, parts and...
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~1935 Bacon & Day Senorita

Extremely rare Senorita flattop. Mahogany body spruce top. 14' lower bout with 4' depth. Scale approx. 24 7/8", nut width 1 25/32". label says Bacon Banjo Co. Groton Conn. Probably made for B&D by Regal. V neck with recent professional neck reset. Original pickguard has some crystallization cracks. bridge has a couple of pin cracks nothing serious. Plays very nicely and has a really cool bluesy...
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