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1965 Epiphone FT-85

1965 Epiphone Ft-85 12-string in good condition. Small B25 size body and plenty of lacquer checking, but structurally sound, and plays good. With soft case. Additional photos available on our website:
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~1967 Epiphone FT-85 Serenader

This guitar has been played and loved. Basically, it’s the Epi version of the Gibson B-25-12 made by the same craftsmen, in the same factory, using the same solid woods. There is a LOT of checking, MANY, nicks, dings, and scratches. Pick wear, too. However, I can’t find a crack anywhere. The action is OK, for a 12-string. It’s not low, but quite playable. The truss rod works as it should. The...
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