1966 Epiphone Wilshire

In custom color inverness green, this Epiphone Wilshire has all original parts excluding the tremolo arm and "E" logo on the bridge. Tune-o-matic bridge, oval inlays on the neck, "batwing" six-on-a-side headstock, with post-1962 asymmetrical body. Checking present throughout, original pickguard has cracked in some places. Straight neck. Newer rectangular case.
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Epiphone Wilshire

Epiphone has introduced the Epiphone Historic Custom USA collection. The first in the series of reissues is the 1962 Wilshire in Cherry. Made in Nashville, Tennessee in cooperation with the Gibson Custom Shop and limited to only 100 instruments worldwide, it combines impeccable attention to detail and historic accuracy. In 1957 in an effort to bolster their stand up bass business Gibson purchased...
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Epiphone USA Wilshire

This Epiphone is a USA made Wilshire model built in the Gibson Custom Shop. It comes with the original case. There are a few spots on the back of the headstock next to the tuning machines where the paint is coming off a bit.
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EPHIPHONE CUSTOM SHOP Wilshire limited edition

A reissue of a great, underrated guitar. Solid mahogany body, two miniature New York Humbuckers. Rosewood fretboard. Glued in mahogmy neck. Really a fantastic Ephiphone at a great price. Rock solid and reliced.
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