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1950 Fender Super Amp

This one is all original except the power chord.This is a historic amp and was Fender's first multiple speaker model amplifier. It was made in late 1950.The amp would be a good mate for your late 1950 Broadcaster...or any guitar.
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2014 Fender Custom Shop MVP Series 1952 Telecaster Heavy Relic

Fender Custom Shop 1952 Telecaster Heavy Relic Master Vintage Player's Series - Teambuilt!!! MVP Series Strats and Teles are the Ultimate Relic guitars Modified 1951 Nocaster Specs! Featherweight! Only 6.6lbs The Vintage Fender Telecaster- REDEFINED! This 50s Tele Super Relic is part of the Master Vintage Players Series (MVP) Limited Edition run, built exclusively for Make'n Music in the Fender...
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2012 Fender American Standard Telecaster

As always, Leo Fender (who sold his company in 1965) nailed it right out of the shoot. The standard Tele has hardly change since 1950. The most notable advances, due to years of market sophistication, is the headstock truss rod adjuster (added in the '70s). And the 6 way adjustable bridge (added in the '80s). Always a great seller it is now upgraded with a...
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Fender Custom Shop 1950's Telecaster Closet Classic - Black

If your looking for an incredible reproduction of one of the most iconic guitars of all time that has modern specs, Fender Custom Shop has you covered with this Closet classic 1950's Telecaster. Made with the utmost quality in mind, Fender Custom Shop hand selects the light-weight ash bodies for each guitar. Other specifications include: Team Built Body Material Alder Body ...
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2013 Fender Custom Shop Mod Squad '62 Telecaster

Retail Price: $7,140.00 Call Mark at 800-222-4700x1062 Fender Custom Shop Mod Squad '62 Telecaster Custom '62 Telecaster Custom with a Twist! Weight: 7.1 lbs The Fender Custom Shop Mod Squad '62 Telecaster Custom solidbody electric guitar combines classic elements with a few modern touches to bring you a truly amazing Tele! worked closely with the Fender Custom Shop to create a...
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A FRIEND OF MINE WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO SCORE A BAG OF LEFTOVER SWITCHCAPS FROM THE EARLY 50s STYLE FENDER TELES, NO-CASTERS AND BROADCASTERS. THESE ARE NOT REPROS BUT THE ORIGINAL RUN. They are $49 each OR if someone wants to buy up my stash of about 15 they will be $30 each!!!! If you buy em all up you can make $300. These are early patent numbers and apply to all Tele blackguard guitars from 1951...
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1952 Fender Telecaster bridge with saddles

SOLD, but we can make one just like this, you choose the number). Official Fender Pat. Pend. Bridge for Black Guard Telecaster 1951-1954. This is a new Official Fender® brand vintage bridge, with Fender® Brass Saddles that has been aged and numbered. This is not an original 1952 bridge. Perfect for your Black Guard Broadcaster, Nocaster, Telecaster or Esquire project, or for replacement on your...
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2012 Fender American Vintage Thin Skin Telecaster w/Humbucker

9.7 out of 10 condition. A few dings and one tiny paint chip. Perfect playability and Tone. Exceptional grain on the Ash body. All case Candy! Introducing the American Vintage Series "Thin Skin Nitro" Special Lacquer Series. Every one of our Thin Skins are Made In America and feature lightweight bodies, a "Thin Skin" nitrocellulose lacquer finish (just like the Custom Shop does it), and 6105...
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2011 Fender Telebration Indiana Barnwood Telecaster

Greg's Guitars Atlanta offers for sale The Fender® Telecaster® Limited edition Pine barn wood Telecaster® 60th Anniversary Barncaster,Pinecaster for sale.Made from 100 year old Indiana pine barn wood . Limited to 300 units for Fenders 60th anniversary "Telebration" series . Many people may not know that pine was the wood first used by Leo Fender® when he made his first guitars so Fender® pays...
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