1958 Gibson Explorer Korina Max Replica Explorer

1958 Gibson Korina Explorer Max Replica 58 Specification/Style Korina Reissue/New Hardware Condition, 9/10 (exceptional) Sound/Tone History, The instrument was produced by Max Bharenet and finished by roman rist, full documentation is included with purchase Notes, Original 58 Korina Explorers are the worlds most desired/iconic instruments, the above is an exact detailed replica...
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1983 Gibson Explorer Korina

A Rare Custom Shop Korina Explorer in hard to find Candy Apple Red Finish. Gold hardware, untouched electronics with original Shaw pickups, Custom shop headstock logo, and Korina body and neck. An attractive guitar with some light playwear and some vertical finish checking lines. No cracks or repairs. Included is the original Gibson hardshell case.
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1963 Gibson Explorer

What a find!! All original factory "Leftover Parts" Korina Explorer Everybody knows the history of these instruments and the history of Gibson guitars in general. When guitar models were produced, especially the ones that were not popular, there were "leftover" parts that would sit around on the production floor for years and sometimes were never assembled. These parts would eventually be...
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2005 Gibson Korina Explorer

KILLER 58' reissue Explorer. Great player and really clean. Crazy light weight. Nice neck profile. It's 100% original and includes all case candy and COA. Plus a nice big Lifton style case!
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EC-, black finish, Limited Edition, Moderne (cross between a V and an Explorer) korina body, korina neck, rosewood fretboard, dot inlays, 22 frets, 2 (factory original) ink stamped humbucking pickups, pots date 29th week of '80, BIG ''Gumby'' headstock features string guides and raised plastic logo, vintage style tuners, gold hardware, very cool guitar, 1-11/16'' nut, 24-3/4'' scale, with massive...
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Max baranet Custom Built Explorer (Hand Built 1958 Gibson Explorer Replica)

"History , The instrument was produced by MAX BARANET and finished by Roman Rist , comes will full certificate /verification From Max Baranet Notes (see Photo), Original "58 Korina" Explorers are the worlds most prestigious /iconic vintage instruments with originals commanding in excess of $500,000 US , the above is a detailed replicas by the worlds most renowned luthier /builder
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Clive Brown Korina Explorer “Replica” Left handed (#EXP0001)

Korina Explorer “Replica” by Clive Brown, Left handed, Aged Nitro Cellulose finish, One incredible piece Korina body, Feather weight guitar, Mid 60’s patent number pickups, Kluson tuners, Tune-o-matic and Stop tail piece,1963 Gibson pots & caps, Many other real parts, Amazing instrument, EC+, Vintage hard case, $15,900
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1998 Gibson Historic Div. '59 RI Korina Flying V

We got a call a while back from a well- respected and storied gentleman in this business. I answered the phone and he said, "Hey, You two chuckleheads interested in a couple of NOS Korinas from '98?" Now around here, that's like asking a fat baby if would like some cake, so I cautiously replied, "Uh...sure. It's pretty well known that we like 'em as clean as we can get 'em" and in no time at all,...
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2007 PRS Mcarty

10-09222007 USA PRS McCarty Korina We were a longtime authorized PRS Dealer and had the opportunity over the years to stash away a few new PRS guitars that we felt exceptional and or that we felt had significant historical significance… in other words, guitars that we deemed to be special. This PRS McCarty Korina Soapbar guitar is one of the first 500 of this model produced and so, as a...
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This used Paul Reed Smith Mira Korina electric guitar, in Excellent condition, is Smith's take on Gibson's Les Paul Junior Doublecut, with a touch of SG. This is a modern guitar with true vintage mojo. It's made from the almost-mythical African Limba - also known as Korina. Similar to Mahogany, it has even more midrange - it's what Gibson's '50s-era Flying Vs and Explorers were made from, both of...
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