1949 Gibson GA 50T

Here's a rare old vintage amp that is in excellent condition. It features a mottled brown leatherette cover, two round openings with vertical slats in front of a pair original Jensens (12" and 8"), and a removable back panel. It has two 6L6GA power tubes and produces 25 Watts with Tremelo. Replaced chokes and power cord along with an excellent recap job.
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1957 Gibson GA-5

Absolutely amazing sounding vintage 1957 Gibson GA-5. One of the best little amps we've ever heard. This amp screams. Super warm distortion when turned up! Fully serviced by our tech and ready to rock.
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1959 Gibson GA-5 Skylark

1959 Gibson GA-5 Skylark amplifier in good condition. The GA-5 is a class A single ended amp running a 6V6 5Y3 and 12AX7, similar to a Champ. This one has a reconed original Jensen speaker included and an old Alamo speaker mounted currently. It does exactly what it is supposed to. Crank it up for screaming distortion that is pure rock and roll. Recently gone through it is rock solid too.
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1961 Gibson GA-5 Skylark

1961 Gibson GA-5 Skylark amplifier in very good condition. This is about as clean as vintage amps get. All original except for electrolytic capacitors need to get it working properly. Still has original manual and speaker tag stapled inside. The speaker is original cone 8" Jensen and even the tubes are original with Gibson branding. Grill cloth looks great and Gibson logo is intact. The...
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~1964 Gibson GA-5 Skylark


Mikes Music

(Cinci)513-281-4900 (Covington)859-261-5500
Classic 5 watt tube combo made by Gibson circa 1965. This has the black tolex. 1x10" original speaker. This looks all original. Probably serviced at one time. Has 2 knobs, a on off and volume. It's as easy as that. Leather handle is ripped. This has been our store's go to amp. Works great! Transformers are original. The greatest little amp for that big crunchy tone. The perfect recording tube...
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1967 Gibson GA-5

1967 Gibson GA-5 Skylark guitar amplifier in very clean Excellent ........ all original......... with original Gibson 8" speaker.One knob replaced.This is a super sounding little amp - great for recording. Great for collecting. This Skylark's looks are deceiving - this is a sustaining sounding little amp. Crank it up and it's got quite a lot of sustain!!! These Gibsons compared to Fender...
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Gibson Skylark GA-5T

A pristine Gibson Skylark GA-5T all tube amplifier. Everything works perfectly. All original except the speaker was replaced with a 10" Ted Weber Signature series. This amp really cranks for it's size. Nice and clean at lower levels to crunch when pushed. Original 2 prong plug in perfect condition. The 5-tube compliment is: (2) 6EU7's (pre amp/ phase inverter and tremolo) (2)...
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~1963 Gibson Skylark GA-5T

Gibson Skylark Amp... GA-5T... Kalamazoo amp with tremolo...
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1959 Gibson Skylark Tremelo GA-5T Amp Inst.Sch.

GA-5T amp instruction & schematic Price firm Call (412)795-8668 to inquire
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1959 Gibson GA-6 Lancer - Gibson's Fender Deluxe,

REDUCED $200! - '59 Gibson GA-6 (Lancer) - Hard-to-find Gibson clone of the narrow-panel Fender 5E3 Deluxe, same Jensen P12R, same power, same 4 x Input/2 x Volume/1 x Tone control setup, same fantastic breakup and dirt when you crank it, but with more available headroom ... >>!!! A diamond in the rough. And you probably won't be able to tell the difference between a Lancer and a tweed...
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~1965 Gibson Ranger GA55 RVT

Don't think of this 50 watt 4x10" Ranger GA55 RVT as Gibson's answer to the Super Reverb. It's rounder and cushier sounding. Same with the reverb. Nice and wet with lots of personality. It's all original except for the four non-original ceramic magnet Eminences which give a nice tightness to the bottom end. Fabulous tone for not a lot of...
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~1958 Gibson GA-400

This is a fantastic sounding Gibson GA-400 vintage tube amp, made in the 1950's in the USA. This is their big amp, with a pair of 12 inch speakers. It has three channels and really sounds killer. This is a rare model. The amp is USED but has been services and works fine and is ready to go. Call for details.
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Gibson GA-40

late 50's/early 60's Gibson GA-40. Quite a bit of cosmetic ware on it but what a fantastic sounding amp! Amazing tone from this little guy! Call or email us for more info! NOTE: We do not ship used amplifiers. Please visit us at the shop to check this amp out!
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1960 Gibson GA-77 Vanguard

1960 Fully original amp, in amazingly clean original condition, original Jensen Alnico 5 speaker, from the golden era, nice woody tone with plenty of headroom, recently serviced and ready to go! [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1961 Gibson GA-79RVT Multi Stereo

1961 All original first year example with the tweed in gorgeous condition, concentric treble, bass, and tremolo controls, true stereo amplifier with phono inputs to play along with your favorite records, pair of 10 inch Jensen Alnico 5 speakers, supremely rare amp that sounds incredible! [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1954 Gibson GA-7 Les Paul TV: FIRST ONE MADE

This is the first GA-7 Les Paul TV amp made. Works fine, looks great and, um, IT'S THE FIRST ONE MADE. Pull the trigger ........ now.
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Victoria Amps Electro King

Victoria Electro KingDescription:Gibson GA-40 circuitWhat we think:What a neat lil 15 watt gibson-based amp! Bluesy enough for the rootsiest of the bunch and honky enough for classic rockers. Very few guitarists you know will have a better looking amp too! Classy two-tone covering. This amp takes real well to slide guitar playin. I can't get enough of that gritty natural drive! and like all...
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2012 Fender James Burton Telecaster

When I think of James Burton, I think about a guitar show in Nashville, Tn. in the spring of '93. Those of you who attended the Nashville shows back then remember that, back in the 90's, they were truly an event. I mean, you can't never tell what you'd find or the interesting people you would encounter. But, back to my story... So I was walking down a crowed corridor, looking at, of all things a...
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1955 Gibson Les Paul Special with GA-40 Les Paul Amp

Year: 1955 Serial: 511897 Finish: Original Pickups: Original Electronics: Original Tuners: Original (replaced buttons) Pickguard: Original Case: Original Hardshell Comments: Guitar: Original brown hardshell case. Replaced tuners. Small chi on headstock. Amp: Circa 1956 Gibson GA-40 Leas Paul amp. Jension 12inch alnico speaker. Original footswitch. Sounds killer!
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1951 Gibson GA75W

Cool and great sounding 1951 Gibson GA75W with brown tolex. Overall is quite a quiet amplifier but has excellent breakup and tone. Recently serviced and is ready for another 63 years. Year: 1951. Model: GA75W Serial: n/a. Modifications: Recently serviced with some new caps. Replaced handle. Transformers and speaker original. Comments: Cool early 50s Gibson GA75W.
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1965 Gibson GA75

This is one very rare amp. Made with 2 10's in the sixties revamp. Called the recording. 25W 2x10" or 1x15"? Guitar Combo Speakers: 2x10" Inputs: 2+2 Channels: 2 Volume Controls: 2 Tone Controls on Each Channel: Bass, treble Tremolo: No Reverb: No Tubes: 6 (Pre (2x6EU7, 1x6CG7 (aka 6FQ7)), Pow (1x6L6 PAIR + 6C4)) Diodes: 3 Extension Speaker Jack: No Monitor Jack: Yes Watts...
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1963 GIBSON / EPIPHONE Pathfinder EA28 RVT

1963 Epiphone Pathfinder model EA 28 RVT amp with original footswitch for sale at Greg's guitars, with similarities to the GA 19T from Gibson (pre-Crestine amps) These sleeper amps cost a fraction of their Fender® and Gibson counterparts and are great amps to boot. Everything functions and operates as it should with absolutely no issues.Original Jensen 12 " speaker,footswitch and 2 prong cord,...
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3 Monkeys Amps organ grinder

3 Monkeys Organ Grinder AmpManufacturer Description:With a classic NOS 5879 pentode pre-amp tube and a dual 6V6 power section, the Organ Grinder has a unique yet familiar tone.Our love of the 50′s Gibson Les Paul and Fender Tweed Deluxe amps were the inspiration for this unique amp. We also crafted another of our retro-style cabs, skinned in Vintage Briar and Fawn accented tolex. Controls...
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3 Monkeys organ grinder

Description: Organ Grinder With a classic NOS 5879 pentode pre-amp tube and a dual 6V6 power section, the Organ Grinder has a unique yet familiar tone. Our love of the 50′s Gibson Les Paul and Fender Tweed Deluxe amps were the inspiration for this unique amp. We also crafted another of our retro-style cabs, skinned in Vintage Briar and Fawn accented tolex. Controls are VOLUME (pull to switch...
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2012 Digitech iPB-10

Item Details The iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard sets a new standard for guitar signal processing. By harnessing the power of the iPad®, it combines the simplicity of a pedalboard with the flexibility of a multi-effects. The iPB-10 unleashes the ability to create and control guitar effects like never before. The iPB-10 allows you to create your ultimate pedalboard, all on your iPad. Design...
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Gibson GA-95-RVT

Year: 1960s Transformers: Original Speakers: 1980 Eminence
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1961 Gibson GA-45 RV Maestro

1961 Maestro made by Gibson accordion amp, As used by little Walter and others, the 4 x 8 Jensen speakers are a perfect compliment to the Reverb and trem circuit, Kinda like a Mini Bassman but much cooler, Nice shape, Just serviced and ready to go, These are fantastic for guitar or harp [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1956 Gibson Maestro GA-45

Vintage original Maestro GA-45 two tone amp. Made by Gibson. 4 x 10" speakers. 16 Watts. Sounds amazing super warm distortion! Great for guitar and harp.
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