2013 Grosh ElectraJet Custom

Don's vision for the ElectraJet combines the classic, vintage styling for which Grosh Guitars is known with modern flare and edge. The ElectraJet exudes classic vintage tones with a slightly heavier and thicker voice compared to the NOS Retro. The guitar covers alot of ground depending on pickup configuration ... from jazz to rock to funk to blues to "heavy". And like all Grosh guitars, it...
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Don Grosh ElectraJet Custom - Mary Kay White

Don Grosh guitars are known for their vintage stylings. The Don Grosh Electrajet Custom is know for that, and so much more. This Electrajet Custom does indeed produce those vintage style tones, but with a modern twist. This guitar delivers thicker, heavier tones than those of the Retro Classics, for instance. Add in a modern flair in the design, and you have yourself one of the best guitars in...
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Don Grosh ElectraJet Custom - 59 Burst

Don Grosh guitars are a popular choice among guitarists. The Don Grosh Electrajet is a particularly exciting model. The Grosh Electrajet is custom designed with quality in mind. Between the rich sound that exudes and the organic aesthetic vibe, the 59 Burst Electrajet is one of a kind. Here are some other specifications: Color: 59 Burst Body: Alder Neck: Maple Fretboard:...
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Grosh Guitars ElectraJet

Don Grosh created this Electrajet inspired by the iconic '54 Goldtop and the results are amazing. A traditional 24.75" Gibson scale neck has amazing playability and features highly figured Birdseye Maple and a Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard reserved specifically for Don's 20th Anniversary guitars. Combine that with a Mahogony body and you have a combination of woods that deliver rich creamy...
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Don Grosh GroshEJ59B

This brand new Grosh ElectraJet Standard with Blown 59 Humbuckers is a versatile, sonic masterpiece from Colorado builder Don Grosh. Right off the bat, you can tell this Standard means business with a deep black, ultra-thin high gloss finish, black pickguard, and smooth, fast-playing satin finished Maple neck with a Standard Roundback neck shape (.830-.930). The Alder body is extremely resonant,...
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Don Grosh Limited Edition Turbo Jet #6 - Electric Blue

The Don Grosh Turbojet #6 is a limited edition guitar designed with a classic look and incredible sound. Using the basic shape of the Grosh Electrajet, the Don Grosh Turbojet delivers the most complex tones with definition and clarity. In "electric blue" with flamed maple, the Grosh Turbojet #6 uses vintage style to create a modern classic. Other features include: Electric Blue ...
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