1972 Guild JS II Jetstar

Gold Certified - Would be platinum except for some heated cold solder joints - This bass is gorgeous and plays as good as it looks. Very little wear, very little patina and is being set up to perfection. This is possibly the best one we've had in. Want a great one? Here it is.
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1983 Guild Artist Award

The condition of this 31 year old made in Westerly, RI Artist Award is incredible! No repairs ever done or needed - all is beautifully in tact. Cream - not stark white binding, original DeArmond Model 1100 suspended pickup with volume control. Original pickguard replaced with a bound tortoise type L-5 pickguard. Note - unlike any other Artist Award models, there are two extra inlays all the...
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2005 Landscape AR-1

The historic town of Shiojiri is located in the Nagano prefecture of central Japan, and home to some of the most ancient ruins on the island. It's also home to the workshop of Toshi Owa, former head of R&D for the famed Matsumoku instrument factory, builder of many of Japan's most famous brands. His Landscape guitars are built in the classic violin tradition, crafted of all-solid tonewoods...
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