~1964 Hagstrom hagstrom II

A vintage circa 1964 Hagstrom Hagstrom II nice and clean but missing the back tolex. Original pickups sound killer. This one plays great for a nice price!
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~1965 Hagstrom II

A really cool player's Hagstrom II, rock out with it!
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1967 Hagstrom hag II

recently redone, new switches newer style intonatable bridge, plays great too. for more info visit 585-424-3369
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1968 Hagstrom hag II

Buy this guitar and find out why Swedes have so much fun! for more info and photos plese visit
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1965 Hagstrom hag II

solid body , original 60's swedish surf monster. nuff said? no? for more info and pictures please visit the world home of orphaned Hagstroms
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1963 Guild Cromwell Hagstrom II

A beautiful vintage and rare circa 1963 Guild Cromwell imported Hagstrom II. Slab body Hagstrom! Beautiful vibrant red finish. There were only roughly 500 Cromwells made, this was one of them and she's nice and clean and plays and sounds great. A wonderful example.
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1974 Guild Starfire Bass II

This is very, very cool – a 1974 Guild Starfire Bass II blonde in great original condition. This instrument is in great condition with just a little natural lacquer checking. As is the case for many Guild instruments of the early 1970′s, the neck is relatively thin and very comfortable. Appropriate for the time, it is strung with flat wound strings. It plays very well and sounds great, though...
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