1960 Harmony Soprano

EC- except needs work (glue open top seam, setup, etc. - sold AS-IS), 6-1/2'' lower bout, satin faux flamed maple sunburst finish, birch laminate top back and sides, mahogany neck, 12 fret brown plastic fingerboard with painted dot inlays, mechanical friction pegs with white plastic buttons, hardwood bridge, 1-3/8'' zero fret width, 13'' scale, made in the USA, no case (SN:FVP) Item ID...
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1950 Harmony Soprano

EC-, satin sunburst finish, 6-1/2'' all birch body, painted on top binding and rosette, birch neck, plastic fretboard with integrated nut, zero fret and (12) frets, wood bridge, logo decal on headstock, friction tuners, 1-3/8'' nut, 12-7/8'' scale, NO CASEale, NO CASE Item ID 180U-1858. 11 photos at
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~1935 Harmony Soprano

Here is another old uke. This one has been played over the decades and has a sweet sound.
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~1960 Harmony Stencil Soprano Ukulele

1960's Harmony Stencil Soprano Ukulele in excellent condition and perfect playing order. This vintage uke sounds great and even comes with its original soft case! Case: This Uke comes with its original soft case. Details & Measurements: Soprano uke shape, 6 5/8" lower bout width, 5" upper bout width, 9 1/4" body length, 2 3/8" body depth, 1 3/8" nut width, weighs 13 oz Materials &...
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~1930 Minerva Soprano

Distributed by Canada’s T. Eaton Company in the 1930’s and 1940’s, Minerva Branded instruments were built by Toronto’s Arthur Hensel, and Chicago’s Harmony Company. We can’t really say which builder created this instrument; regardless, it’s a remarkably well-preserved Soprano, simply appointed, and built of solid curly Hawaiian Koa. Virtually unworn, this ukulele was purchased locally from the...
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Martin Soprano/Concert Ukulele Strings

The use of modern fluorocarbon increases the amplitude and improves the harmonic output. The increased tensile strength holds tunings longer. This set is suitable for concert and soprano ukuleles. .0191-.0256-.0340-.0216
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