1997 Martin 00-45 Limited Edition

This 1997 Martin Limited Edition Stauffer 00-45 Commemorative is a very unique and rare guitar. It is a 175th Anniversary Limited model, #2 of 25 built by Martin’s Custom Shop. It was made as a commemorative of Martin’s Viennese instructor Johann Stauffer, a master luthier, whom CF Martin apprenticed under. It’s considered to be one of the rarest Martins of the past several decades. This is...
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Martin Custom Shop 00-12 Fret Stauffer

The Custom Shop Martin Custom Shop 00-12 Fret Stauffer is another classic model. Don't be fooled. The Custom Shop Martin 00-12 Fret still delivers that classic Martin sound: warm, balanced acoustic tones. As if that isn't enough, this custom shop acoustic is also built with the same craftsmanship Martin is famous for. The Engelmann spruce top and Koa sides and back make this guitar as reliable as...
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