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1959 National 1959 National Guitar/ Amp Catalog

Original 5 page fold out black and white National brand catalog. Goes through their solid bodies, flat tops, amps, and electric Hawaiian. Informative and cool!
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VG-EC, the Style 4 was the top-of-the-line for National instruments of this period, 14-1/8'' German silver body, Chrysanthemum engraving pattern on top, sides, back and handstrap, lattice grill soundholes, triangular screened coverplate, square neck, bound ebony fretboard, diamond inlays (2 are new, installed by our shop), 19 frets, 3 new National cones (installed by our shop), T-bar bridge,...
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~1955 National Debonaire

Up for sale, a 1950s National Debonaire electric archtop in excellent condition and in good working order. This instrument excels both acoustically and when plugged in, with a 3 3/8" body depth and 15" lower bout delivering a pronounced and clear archtop tone. The midrange is present without being overbearing and lead lines come through with plenty of zing in the top end and tight bass. When...
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1932 National Style 1

Year: 1932 Finish: Original Tuners: Original Case: Original Hard Case Comments: Beautiful '32 Style 1. This resonator has unforgettable tone. The lows, mids and treble all work together in a complex yet 3-dimensional way to produce awesome sounds. Neck has a great feeling profile and plays excellent. Very good example of a gracefully aged Tri-cone.
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1959 National TOWN & COUNTRY

This National Town & Country was made in the USA in 1959. This guitar shows some light wear, but is in overall very nice shape for its age. It plays and sounds really good. It is all original and it comes with the original hard shell case.
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1958 National Town & Country

Retrofret Stock # 5998. National Town & Country Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1958), made in Chicago, serial # X-94844, Blonde lacquer finish, maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, original brown tolex hard shell case. This striking and super stylish Populuxe-influenced National solidbodies of the mid-late 1950's came in several variations (most notably the "standard" Town & Country...
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1957 National Bolero

1957 National Bolero Our Price: $1,050 Stock# 43410 - Serial # X71785 National guitars of the 1950's had a funky styling all their own; these cool guitars had one foot backwards in having some elements of art deco styling while incorporating elements of mid century, space age modernism. Luckily, the neck on this one is relatively straight, so it takes it out of the 'for slide only'...
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1962 National Westwood 77

This very rare top of the line National Westwood 77 Map Style guitar has three pickups, including two single-coil units and another of National’s innovations, an under-bridge pickup, one of the earliest transducer pickups developed before the War. Each has its own volume and tone control plus a master volume. When you bring this guitar out, it is sure to captures everyone's attention. The...
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1951 National Triplex 1088 Chord Changer

1951 Amazing vintage lap steel that easily switches between 3 different tunings with a simple lever, clean, naturally finished walnut and maple body, very warm and resonant even before you plug it in, comes complete with the original hard case. [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS ]
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1950 National -

Retrofret Stock # 5919. National Tube Guitar Amplifier (1950), made in Chicago, serial # V33151, tweed finish. A great, crunchy sounding late 40's style Valco made Amplifier.Height is 14 1/4 in. (36.2 cm.), 15 3/4 in. (40 cm.) width, and 7 1/4 in. (18.4 cm.) deep. Original 10" field coil speaker, handle and period correct tubes. This little amp also still sports its original two prong cable. ...
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1962 National Glenwood 95

A National 'Map' Guitar with Vermillion Red Finish, Original Form Fit Hard Case, and Newport 50 Amplifier!
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1954 National 1155 E

This is a very nice National 1155E from 1954. These were made with Gibson J-45 bodies. This guitar plays and sounds fantastic. The original built in pickup sounds really good as well. Call for an in hand description.
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1932 National Model N

1932 National Model N. German Silver body, pearloid head stock. Once owned by GE Smith. Absolutely beautiful condition.
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1957 National Avalon 1134

This all original 1957 National Avalon model 1134 is very rare. The Avalon has a solid chambered single cutaway body. It was built by V.A.L. Co. or Valco in Chicago by a company owned by Victor Smith, Al Frost and Louis Dopyera that was started in 1942 and had it's beginning with the National String Instrument Corporation. The V.A.L. Co. name is an acronym compiled from the first letter of the...
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~1950 National Lap Steel

Year: 1950s Finish: Beige Pickups: Orginal Electronics: Original Tuners: Original Comments: Super cool colored inlays. Sounds great.
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~1950 National Lap Steel

Year: 1950s Finish: Silver Pickups: Orginal Electronics: Original Tuners: Replaced Comments: Gorgeous silver finish. Replaced tuners. Looks and sounds awesome.
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1957 National Studio

1957 National Studio lap steel in excellent condition. Ivory colored celluloid covering, similar to the Supro Studio model from around the same time. Symmetrical guitar-shaped body, painted-on totem style fingerboard markers. Replica Kluson tuners, otherwise all original. No case. Additional photos available on our website:
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1951 National Chicagoan

1951 National Chicagoan lap steel in black pearloid finish. White Lexan fingerboard with musical note markers, all-original except for replica Kluson tuners. Additional photos available on our website:
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1962 National Westwood 75

1962 National Westwood 75. Map shape wood body with original clear pickguard. 1 standard pickup and 1 built into the bridge (SilverSound) pickup. 3 knobs on bass side, 3 way slotted (Tele style) switch and master volume on treble side. Block inlays and cherry to black sunburst finish. Excellent condition. Original soft-shell case.
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1956 National Dynamic 1125 - #200981

Serial Number: X67799 General Description: Manufactured from 1951 to 1959. Full body 15.5" acoustic-electric archtop, sunburst version of New Yorker 1120 with some appointments slightly below the New Yorker, dot markers, single pickup.
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1951 National Dynamic

Cool art Deco look. Plastic pickup covers removed. LARGER PICTURES? To view full size pictures click on the photo then click the "view full-size image" tab. Being a small and busy shop, we try to respond to every email in a timely manner, but sometimes it takes a couple days. We suggest calling for an in-hand description at 703-534-4801.
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1954 National Model 1124B

Retrofret Stock # 3945. National Model 1124B Model Solid Body Electric Guitar (1954), made in Chicago, serial # X-35998, natural lacquer finish, ash body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, original brown hard shell case. This little gem was Nationals top-of-the line solidbody in 1954, before the introduction of the larger, fancier Glenwood. Quite rare and very cool sounding.Overall length is 37...
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1955 National Model 1155 Acoustic Guitar (#NAT0002)

1955 National, Model 1155 Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst, Rare & uncommon body made by Gibson! Unusual light Tortoise guard, Very good sounding! EC, OHSC, $2,995
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1962 National Westwood 72

1962 National Westwood 72 in its original WHITE finish. It has a great playing neck with good frets. It's all original with the exception of the switch tip, and is 100% complete including its original chipboard case. There are a few minor nicks + dings, lots of minor finish checking, and cracked-up binding on the sides of the fretboard. This wood body National sounds AMAZING with a very strong...
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1956 National Reso-Phonic

1956 National Reso-Phonic Beautiful all original condition. Non-Cut, square neck. Tiny Social Security number ingraved on rear cone cover. We got it without a case but we’ll put it in something! $1199.00
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1932 National Triolian

(Serial No. W3132) A very clean Triolian bought from the family of the original owner. Has an unusual brown sunburst finish. Completely original including the tuners, biscuit and cone. Has a few chips in the finish and shows only minor playing wear. Frets are original and in excellent condition and the flamed maple neck is straight. Good sounding reso with action just high enough for slide but...
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1932 National Style 1

1932 National Style 1 Resonator Mandolin EXC- Plain and simple and in really nice condition with a fresh re-fret and setup and new cone and biscuit. It sounds great. Both top and back are nice and clean with no breaks or dents or separations or the like. Plain headstock and 40's period tuning pegs with new buttons. Some soldering has been done on the original tailpiece. It all works just...
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